3 Common Fears about Hydrocodone Recovery

3 Common Fears about Hydrocodone Recovery

Hydrocodone is an opiate that treats moderate to severe pain. Like all opiates, hydrocodone carries a significant risk of developing addiction, even when used as directed. Hydrocodone affects the brain’s natural way of dealing with pain by inhibiting the production of endorphins. Over time, the production of endorphins is halted, leaving a person solely reliant upon hydrocodone to deal with physical pain. Addiction has fully developed when a person requires large and consistent doses of hydrocodone to fend off debilitating withdrawal symptoms.

If you are struggling with hydrocodone addiction, you may have various fears and concerns that are keeping you from getting the help that you need. No matter what your fear, most are just misconceptions that are blinding you to the fact that hydrocodone is in control of your life.

I’m Afraid Pain Will Return if I Stop Using Hydrocodone

One of the biggest concerns about hydrocodone recovery may be about dealing with physical pain without opiates. Though you may think pain management without hydrocodone to be impossible, there are alternative methods. Methods such as acupuncture and therapeutic massage are used in some rehab centers to alleviate the pain associated with hydrocodone withdrawal. Practices such as physical therapy and yoga are also used to help strengthen the body and reduce pain.

I’m Afraid I Will Not Have Any Friends if I Quit Hydrocodone

You may resist the idea of hydrocodone recovery because you fear you will not have any friends to socialize with once you are sober. It is true that you will not be able to surround yourself with people who negatively influence you through drug use or other poor behaviors if you wish to remain sober. But, just because you are in recovery does not mean that you will be alone. You might find that people who avoided you in the past due to your addiction are now eager to start a new and healthy relationship with you.

I’m Afraid I Will Relapse after Hydrocodone Addiction Rehabilitation

You may think hydrocodone recovery is pointless because relapse is inevitable. Though the likelihood of relapse will always exist, it is up to you to have the will and desire to stay clean. Even if you do relapse while in recovery, you are not a failure. Addiction is a powerful disease that requires a lifetime commitment to overcome. Relapse might happen, but recovery only fails when you decide to stop trying.

Hydrocodone Recovery Help

If you are ready and willing to overcome your addiction to hydrocodone, then we are here to help. By calling our toll-free helpline, you can speak to one of our representatives about any questions or concerns you may have about hydrocodone rehab and recovery. We are available 24 hours a day, and the call won’t cost you anything. We are here to help you overcome your fear and take back control of your life; all you have to do is call us today.