4 Signs that Your Sobriety Is Making You a Better Person

4 Signs that Your Sobriety Is Making You a Better Person

When sobriety is reached, it can be difficult to find the motivation to continue working at recovery, especially as temptations to use drugs again start to pile up. However, as sobriety continues, recovering addicts tend to find motivation through various signs that their decision to be sober is transforming them into better people. For instance, a father who has been sober for some time may finally reconnect with his spouse or child, thus he gains incredible motivation to continue with recovery when he realizes that being sober is making him a better husband and father.

There are many signs during sobriety that motivate people and ensure that it is worth the effort to avoid drugs and alcohol. The different signs that encourage sobriety vary depending on each person’s situation in life. However, some signs can be more universal, because they help drug users know that their sobriety is making them better people.

Becoming an Inspiration to Other People in Recovery

Recovery.org explains that one sign of being a better person due to sobriety is when a personal story of recovery inspires other people. Other drugs addicts who are in early recovery often gravitate toward people who have already overcome addiction and who are living healthier, sober lives. Inspiring other recovering addicts is a clear sign that sobriety is working and making a sober person better. Causing others to be inspired can also help a sober person feel motivated to continue recovery efforts and to  further help struggling addicts by volunteering or becoming a support partner in 12-step groups. In other words, the more recovering addicts help people, the more motivated they will be in their own sobriety efforts.

Being More Emotionally Available to Friends and Family

When substance abuse and addiction was the only thing that mattered to a drug user, addicts typically became emotionally unavailable to friends and family, so they end up losing many or all of their important relationships. However, life in sobriety will eventually cause a recovering addict to come into contact with old friends and family once again, which means relationships can be rekindled. A person in sobriety will likely find that sobriety allows her to be emotionally available to friends and family, which causes their relationships to be mutually beneficial once again. Recovery Associates helps explain how improved relationships are one of the top benefits to sobriety: sobriety allows recovering addicts to become better people through improved, more genuine connections with people that matter the most.

Having the Ability to Be Active Again

One sign that sobriety is helping a recovering addict be a better person is that he has the ability and energy to be healthy and active once again. Part of being a better person is knowing that health can and is being regained and appreciated. When people are in the midst of addiction and substance abuse, they lose all interest in being active or healthy; in fact, being addicted is the opposite of being healthy and active. When sobriety is successfully reached and people are able to be active once again, they feel better about themselves, their self-esteem returns and their general outlook on life improves. Being healthy after ending a drug addiction motivates sober people to continue their recovery efforts as they see firsthand how sobriety has helped them feel like and be better people.

Becoming More Productive in Life

Sobriety not only allows people to be healthier, more emotionally available and inspirational people, but it also allows them to become more productive. When addiction to drugs or alcohol was at its prime, the addict did not have the time or energy to be productive. In fact, addiction hijacks a person’s life from her, and it consumes every aspect of it. Being productive at work, in relationships, in creative outlets, in hobbies and in general life typically falls to the wayside when addiction takes over. On the other hand, people thriving in sobriety often find that they have the time and energy to pursue different interests and succeed at them. Being a better employee, spouse, father or mother, friend and even neighbor can be pursued and accomplished in sobriety.

When these signs of being a better person due to sobriety arise, they are a clear reason to stay motivated, because they show that sobriety is worth it and working. Sobriety not only makes a recovering addict a better person, but it can make them better at everything in life.

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