ADHD and Hydrocodone Use

ADHD and Hydrocodone Use

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a difficult mental disorder that can be invasive in a person’s life. The side effects and symptoms of the disorder cause a person to be more involved with what is going on in his or her head than the surrounding environment, making it likely for an individual to react quickly and impulsively. This type of disorder can lead to a serious substance abuse problem.

How ADHD Symptoms Can Cause Addiction

While many disorders may lead to addiction, those affected by ADHD are particularly susceptible because the following ADHD symptoms can act as a catalyst for substance abuse:

  • Impulsivity: One of the most disruptive symptoms of ADHD is the presence of impulsivity. This tendency can make a person go from doing nothing to being very active in a short amount of time. It also prompts individuals to be vulnerable by making instinctive choices instead of thoughtful ones. An untreated ADHD patient might turn to the commonly abused painkiller, hydrocodone, for relief from this up-and-down lifestyle.
  • Boredom: ADHD patients often find themselves getting bored easily due to a short attention span and a tendency toward impulsivity. When their minds are not occupied, they begin to feel trapped. Hydrocodone, commonly known for its numbing effects, helps calm the brain and accept stillness.
  • Hyperactivity: Having ADHD puts an affected individual in a continuous hyperactive state. The constant drive to keep going is fueled by hyperactivity, which is the most definitive characteristic of ADHD. To stop such frantic feelings, an individual might look to hydrocodone to become more relaxed.

While many people think that those with ADHD might develop a stimulant or amphetamine addiction, the truth is that painkillers and drugs that produce a depressed effect seem to be more appealing because such drugs allow for a break from constant activity – both mentally and physically. The combination of ADHD and hydrocodone is very dangerous as it hides the symptoms of ADHD but highlights the potential for addiction.

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