Best Solutions for Hydrocodone Abuse

Best Solutions for Hydrocodone Abuse

An addiction to pain medication like hydrocodone can develop subtly and easily take control of your life. Once you realize how drug abuse negatively affects all aspects of your life, you can begin to search for a method of recovery.

Hydrocodone Rehabilitation Options

The word “rehab” has gotten a bad reputation that it does not deserve. Some people believe rehab facilities are cold, uncaring institutions, but this is not true. All qualified drug rehab centers have medical professionals available to help patients in any way possible – physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, psychological – all to the benefit of the recovering user.

That being said, inpatient rehab programs are not for everyone. Those who still need to be available for family, work or school obligations and are able to keep their drug intake under control may qualify for an outpatient program. An outpatient program is a good fit for the early stages of addiction.

Inpatient programs help monitor drug intake but also keep the patients safe while passing through the withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient programs are best for those struggling with a strong addiction and fighting possible relapses. Also providing therapy and counseling, inpatient programs keep help within reach for recovering addicts.

Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms

Stopping hydrocodone suddenly may lead to seizures and other uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Dealing with the withdrawal symptoms is an important part of detox and should be handled by medical professionals. The best method of hydrocodone withdrawal involves tapering the dosage, little by little, until withdrawal symptoms are largely avoided or at least significantly lessened. While this process called Gradual detox may take longer than stopping “cold turkey,” it is highly recommended because it causes the least amount of psychological trauma.

Hydrocodone Rapid Detoxification

While some may argue that rapid detox is an acceptable method of treatment, this is not necessarily true. Being a relatively new option, rapid detox rushes the body into detox and does not address the non-physical part of an addiction. Quickly and unsafely using rapid detox will result in a higher likelihood for relapses. People who complete other forms of deeper therapy with natural detox are much less likely to experience relapses.

Hydrocodone Rehabilitation Programs

Most rehab programs provide group therapy, giving recovering addicts a chance to hear from their peers, presenting addicts with empathy and support. Family counseling and private sessions are often also offered.

Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment

Every person and addiction is different; therefore, every method of recovery will be different. Dual Diagnosis, for example, is good for those who have an addiction and some form of mental imbalance, while Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is perfect for teaching recovering addicts to live without a drug habit. Speaking with a substance abuse professional will help narrow down specific rehab options.

Hydrocodone Addiction Help

If you or someone you love is addicted to hydrocodone or another substance, please do not hesitate to get help today. By calling our toll-free helpline you will be put in touch with caring individuals who can provide information about addiction treatments. We are here to help you 24 hours a day with any and all addiction problems.