Can Anyone Tell I’m Using Hydrocodone?

Can Anyone Tell I’m Using Hydrocodone?

Drug use is hard to hide from close family and friends, because it infiltrates every aspect of a person’s being. Everything from physical appearance to personality traits change, and these changes may even be noticed by complete strangers. While it may seem easy to hide hydrocodone addiction during the beginning stages of use, hydrocodone use becomes progressively more difficult to keep secret.

Changes That Result from Hydrocodone Use

Many visible, physical changes occur when using hydrocodone, and these changes may include the following:

  • Users of hydrocodone can be allergic to the drug, causing swelling and other visible signs of an allergic reaction
  • The desire to shower, brush teeth, and maintain general grooming practices often get lost during addiction, leading to overall poor hygiene
  • Hydrocodone can affect tone of voice

While the visible side effects of hydrocodone use can immediately alert friends, family and strangers of an addiction problem, the mental side effects are more severe and can damage the user and his or her relationships. These side effects include the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Irrational thoughts and behavior which can impact everyday life
  • Irritability leading to arguments with loved ones, co-workers and strangers
  • Depression which causes normal activities, hobbies and general motivation change drastically and almost seem to disappear

Health issues such as shallowness in breathing, poor stomach conditions, seizures and vomiting are common in hydrocodone users. Physical change, health issues and psychological effects make hiding hydrocodone use impossible to do for long. Admitting that recovery help is needed and working towards a drug-free life is the best path to follow.

Are You or Someone You Know Trying to Hide a Hydrocodone Addiction?

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