Current Issues in Hydrocodone Use

Current Issues in Hydrocodone Use

Hydrocodone is a prescription drug that treats pain after surgery, injury or chronic issues. It changes the way the body perceives pain and produces feelings of euphoria. Hydrocodone is highly addictive and can be very dangerous when combined with other drugs or alcohol. Celebrities who abuse hydrocodone are often in the news due to their popularity and of other high profile individuals. Addiction can lead actions like to taking more than the prescribed dose, using the drug recreationally or to cope with stress and doctor shopping to keep a constant supply. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency hydrocodone is currently one of the most abused and dangerous prescription drugs in the United States.

Hydrocodone in the News

In 2011, the New York Times reported that overdose from hydrocodone had risen to epidemic proportions in Appalachia, and in one Ohio county in particular. Nearly one in ten babies born in Scioto County in 2010 tested positive for the drug, and across the state fatal overdoses quadrupled in the last decade. The state has set aside 36 million dollars to combat the ongoing problem and addiction rates have included children as young as junior high. Legislation is being pursued that will more closely regulate pain clinics where the drugs are dispensed, but many users get the drugs from dealers or from those who have access to prescriptions.

Physicians and Hydrocodone Prescriptions

The number of prescriptions written for opiate painkillers has risen dramatically in the past decade. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), opiate painkillers represent the most widely-prescribed class of painkillers in the United States. Physicians currently prescribe painkillers almost four times more than they did in the previous decade. The New York Times reports that long-term use of these drugs for back pain, arthritis and other chronic pain puts patients at risk for sleep apnea, reduced hormone production and increased falls and hip fractures. Because of the rise of prescription painkiller abuse, health centers around the country are placing strict rules on how many opiate painkillers can be prescribed. The CDC reports that currently 36 states have operational prescription drug monitoring systems to help deal with the problem.

Hydrocodone Addiction Help

Hydrocodone is a dangerous drug that can create a crippling addiction. Although it is an effective painkiller, long-term abuse can quickly lead to dependence and addiction, and combining hydrocodone with alcohol or other drugs can be deadly. If you or a loved one struggle with hydrocodone abuse, we are here to help you. Our counselors can answer your questions about hydrocodone addiction and provide you with information on treatment options. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now to begin your addiction recovery.