Dangers of Combining Marijuana and Hydrocodone

Dangers of Combining Marijuana and Hydrocodone

Marijuana is one of the most widely used illegal substances in the country: countless people use this drug regularly, and even more have tried it. Using marijuana on its own can change a user’s behavior, actions and physical health. This drug alone can create the following problems:

  • Heart problems. Smoking marijuana jolts the heart where the heart rate can jump. This causes the potential for heart attack or other cardiac problems, and these symptoms can last up to a few hours after smoking.
  • Respiratory concerns. While few see marijuana as a leading cause of lung problems, some chemicals in the drug can greatly irritate the lungs.
  • Life changes. Smoking marijuana generally decreases a user’s motivation, punctuality, cognitive skills and other areas.

Marijuana is dangerous enough even without mixing it with hydrocodone.

Effects of Hydrocodone Abuse

The opiate hydrocodone is a much stronger, more invasive drug than marijuana. It has the potential to create severe dependency and create a slew of health problems. The following mental and physical issues can result from hydrocodone use:

Both drugs are highly sought after to treat pain, marijuana being a more unconventional drug for this ailment. If a user mixes the two drugs, she may think that it a great decision, as the effects of happiness, calmness and numbness occur quickly. However, what goes on inside her can be much more dangerous, as the following effects reveal:

  • As the hydrocodone slows down the central nervous system, marijuana can do just the opposite, kick-starting the heart and encouraging cardiac troubles. Hydrocodone can also slow breathing while the marijuana irritates the lungs. With two different signals being sent, the body may struggle to decide what to do, thus damaging the body.
  • Most importantly, the combination of both medications can lead to serious changes of pace in a user’s life. These changes can include difficultly keeping focus at work, remaining punctual, promoting honesty and displaying responsibility. By combining both drugs, users set themselves up to negate any positive qualities they normally display.

Mixing any drug can be incredibly dangerous, even if a user does not think so. The stigma surrounding marijuana is that it is harmless, and can be used any time, any way and with anything. This assumption is incorrect, as marijuana holds its own side effects that other drugs only increase.

Help for Marijuana and Hydrocodone Addiction

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