Extreme Behavior Related to Hydrocodone

Extreme Behavior Related to Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is a synthetic opioid due to how its chemical structure mimics other opioids, like codeine and morphine. The drug is hardly ever prescribed on its own; instead, it is typically combined with acetaminophen and/or other chemicals to create Vicodin or Lortab. Hydrocodone works on the same nerve receptors in the brain as opium or heroin, so it treats moderate to severe pain and it suppresses cough.

Hydrocodone is immensely powerful—it will not only dull the sensation of pain, but it will also activate the brain’s reward center to produce a high, an extreme state of wellbeing. It is one of the most commonly abused prescription painkillers, so many people begin abusing it, even though their intentions may have been to manage a legitimate medical condition. Hydrocodone addiction can form within just two weeks of taking the drug, which is why it is imperative to follow the prescribed instructions for use.

Effects of Hydrocodone Abuse

While producing euphoria, hydrocodone abuse can also impact thought processes, judgment, emotions, physical health and behavior. It can cause further shift moods from the highest highs to the lowest lows. Furthermore, hydrocodone creates emotional liability. People who use this drug lose control of how they feel, which can impact how they behave. Lastly, this drug can interfere with the brain’s thought processes to cause symptoms of lightheadedness, sedation and lowered inhibitions.

The way hydrocodone changes mood and thoughts can cause extreme, reckless behavior. Users are vulnerable to conflict and they are prone to making decisions without questioning the consequences. There is no limit to the damage an addict can cause while under the influence of hydrocodone.

Hydrocodone addiction can onset extreme behavior as well. Drug addicts will be controlled by intense physical and psychological drug cravings, so they may go to extremes to obtain more of the drug for addiction. Users may blow through their money, jeopardize their jobs, doctor shop, steal or forge prescriptions, purchase drugs off the street and more. The side effects of both the drug and the addiction can cause decisions and behavior that users would consider while sober.

How Do I End Hydrocodone Addiction?

Do you want to hear more about how you or a loved one can overcome hydrocodone addiction? If so, our toll-free helpline is operated 24 hours a day by admissions coordinators who can help you. They can answer your questions, address your concerns and provide all the information you need to get and stay well. They have connections to many treatment programs and services, and they can help you find the options that are right for you. If you want to end your addiction, then call now to speak with a counselor today.