Five Potential Hydrocodone Relapse Triggers

Five Potential Hydrocodone Relapse Triggers

Making the decision to devote yourself to recovery from hydrocodone addiction means that you need to understand the risks that are involved as well as how best to avoid them. One of the major risks to take into consideration when beginning recovering from hydrocodone addiction is the risk of relapse. It is important for you to understand what factors and situations can cause relapse to occur so that you can better prevent relapse from happening. It can be beneficial to talk with your doctor or counselor about your specific situations and circumstances in order to provide the best protection against hydrocodone addiction relapse.

Social Situations as a Hydrocodone Relapse Trigger

Hydrocodone addictions can often be social addictions. If you became addicted to hydrocodone by abusing hydrocodone with your friends or in a particular social circle, it might be best to avoid those friends and social circles while you are attempting to recover from hydrocodone addiction. Being surrounded by the people that you have abused hydrocodone with can greatly increase your risk of hydrocodone addiction relapse.

Places as a Hydrocodone Relapse Trigger

There may be specific places that your brain associates with hydrocodone abuse because you abused hydrocodone there or you did something having to do with your hydrocodone abuse in that place. These kinds of places should be avoided when trying to recover from hydrocodone addiction because they may trigger a relapse.

Stressful Circumstances as a Hydrocodone Relapse Trigger

You may have begun abusing hydrocodone to deal with certain stressful situations at work or in your personal life. If you are attempting to recover from hydrocodone addiction and these stressful situations are the reason that you began abusing hydrocodone originally, you should avoid these stressful situations in order to give you the best protection against relapse.

Living in the Past as a Hydrocodone Relapse Trigger

Even though you may feel that some of the time you spent abusing hydrocodone was enjoyable, it is never beneficial for your recovery process to look back on your days of hydrocodone abuse fondly. It can be important to remind yourself of the reasons that you want to recover from hydrocodone abuse and avoid remembering fondly the temporary moments of pleasure you may have had during hydrocodone abuse.

Fallacy as a Hydrocodone Relapse Trigger

The moment that you return to hydrocodone abuse, even just once, is the moment of relapse. It can be dangerous to think that you can begin using hydrocodone again in isolated instances without falling back into addiction. Taking hydrocodone even just once after you begin your recovery can send you into relapse and possibly even make your addiction stronger.

Finding More Information on Hydrocodone Relapse Triggers and Treatment

If you or someone you love is struggling with hydrocodone abuse, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to help answer your questions regarding hydrocodone addiction and treatment. We can help you find the right treatment options for you and even help you find out if your insurance can help you pay for treatment. Please call now.