Four Ways People Disguise Their Use of Hydrocodone

Four Ways People Disguise Their Use of Hydrocodone

People who successfully hide an addiction to hydrocodone are typically referred to as high functioning addicts because they are able to successfully maintain a good career, family and social responsibilities without exposing the addiction. The addiction eventually causes problems for the high functioning addict but many of them can continue for decades without the knowledge of others. High functioning addicts can often be in more danger than other addicts because it typically takes an extreme detrimental event for the addiction to be discovered by others. These events often come in the form of an arrest, job loss or overdose. Many addicts are masters of disguise when it comes to fitting in with the crowd at work or school. Four ways that people disguise their use and abuse of hydrocodone can include the following:

  • Hide behind their success – The majority of high functioning addicts are often very successful, authoritative figures. CEOs, surgeons and public figures often disguise their hydrocodone abuse with their successful careers. They are often not expected to be abusing hydrocodone or other substances because of their influential positions and success. High functioning addicts often utilize their success and position to abuse drugs without the knowledge of others.
  • Live a double life – Some addicts hide their hydrocodone abuse by living a sort of double life where they are one person in front of co-workers, friends and family but an entirely different person when they are on their own or with a drug-using group of friends. They may be careful to only abuse hydrocodone when they know that they are in a safe situation to do so. Going away on a business trip or vacation can often be the excuse used to actually go and binge on hydrocodone with other drug abusers.
  • Only use alone – Some high functioning addicts will only use alone when they are in a seemingly controlled environment. They will often take the necessary steps to ensure that they will not be disturbed or needed by anyone while they are under the influence.
  • Always follow precautionary measures – Some addicts follow a strict set of rules and precautionary measures such as disposing of hydrocodone pill bottles in secretive places far from home. Some addicts will even drive to an entirely different town simply to dispose of any drug abuse evidence. Hiding the pills in secret compartments or underneath a floor board can also be common ways for a struggling addict to hide her use.

Despite the methods of disguising substance abuse, addicts eventually hit a rough patch where they can no longer hide their use. Random drug testing at work and school can often be a way to discover a high functioning addict. Checking in on a high functioning addict when they expect to be alone may lead to a substance abuse discovery. Needle marks on arms or dilated pupils are also signs of substance abuse.

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