Grief and Hydrocodone Addiction

Grief and Hydrocodone Addiction

Grief can be a compelling instigator to hydrocodone abuse and addiction. Grief produces many unwanted and sometimes unmanageable emotions and feelings of despair. People may turn to hydrocodone to mask the unwanted emotions and escape the unmanageable feelings. Some of the causes of grief induced hydrocodone abuse include the following:

  • Loss of a loved one – Losing a loved one can produce seemingly uncontrollable grief, which can cause people to turn to drugs in order to cope. People may turn to drugs first because they are unaware of healthier coping methods or want immediate relief from their grief.
  • Changes in family structure – When a family loses a loved one, it can put unmanageable stress on the family structure. It can force certain members to take over the new roles previously filled by the deceased loved one, which they may not be able to handle alone. This stress can lead to hydrocodone abuse.
  • Personal guilt – Some people struggle with personal guilt when a loved one passes away who they had recently broken a relationship with. In other cases, the death of a loved one such as a child may have been an accident, but the parent may feel personally responsible for it. This guilt mixed with uncontrollable grief can lead a person to seek immediate relief in the form of hydrocodone abuse.

When a person turns to hydrocodone in order to alleviate negative emotions produced by grief, it can often lead to a lifestyle of addiction. Seeking ways to deal with grief in a healthier manner is critical to being able to move past the trauma of losing a loved one. Some healthy ways a person can manage grief associated with the loss of a loved one include the following:

  • Spending time with other family members in order to stay close and help each other during the grieving process
  • Seeking support from friends to spend time with and be encouraged by
  • Having some alone time to let emotions out
  • Attending professional therapy that can help discover and develop new coping methods
  • Exercising
  • Practicing meditation and journaling
  • Seeking spiritual help

Having many different avenues of support and being surrounded by loved ones can help to reduce the risk of turning to hydrocodone in order to cope with grief. If an individual is addicted to hydrocodone, seeking professional treatment at a licensed rehab facility will provide the most successful chance of recovery.

Finding Treatment for Hydrocodone Addiction

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