Hepatitis and Hydrocodone Abuse

Hepatitis and Hydrocodone Abuse

Hepatitis primarily attacks the liver, and it can cause devastating consequences. There are many forms of hepatitis and not all of them are contagious. However, if someone does contract a contagious form of hepatitis, she may suffer from diarrhea, weight loss and nausea, among other problems. This issue can stem from drug abuse, as this act engenders several dangerous acts. However, with the right help, people with both of these problems can recover.

How Does Hydrocodone Abuse Increase the Risk for Hepatitis?

Hydrocodone addicts often face dangerous situations that risk both their health and even the health of others. The following examples of hydrocodone abuse can put users at risk for hepatitis:

  • Sharing needles
  • Engaging in dangerous behaviors while under the influence, like promiscuous sex
  • Poor choice management

Many hydrocodone addicts take the drug with needles—they dissolve pills in a liquid and inject the powerful serum. Many addicts reuse needles or share them with other users, which causes extreme risks for contagious diseases such as hepatitis. Additionally, while addicts are under the influence of hydrocodone, they may engage in dangerous activities. These activities can be anything from unprotected sex, using the drugs in dangerous environments and, again, sharing needles. Lastly, addicts commonly display poor choice management or judgment while under the influence. Their choices put them at risk for contagious diseases such as hepatitis.

How Can Hepatitis Affect Addiction Recovery?

Deciding to accept treatment is a simple process, but tailoring a treatment program around such specific needs can be difficult. Hepatitis can complicate hydrocodone addiction treatment in the following ways:

  • More intense treatment
  • Medical complications
  • Continuance of medical treatment

Because some of the effects a user experiences could be from hepatitis, he will need a medical staff for the duration of treatment to ensure that he gets proper care. Hepatitis can also cause medical complications, depending on how long the addict had hepatitis. Because of this, a medical staff must diagnose the disease before addressing the addiction. These issues can cause treatment to last longer when compared to others. Because hepatitis requires continual maintenance and treatment, recovering addicts will require medical treatment throughout their lives.

Treatment for Hydrocodone Addiction and Hepatitis

If you or someone you know has hepatitis and is addicted to hydrocodone, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have regarding your addiction and treatment options. Make the call today and begin your recovery.