Holding a Johnson Model Intervention for a Hydrocodone Addict

When a loved one suffers from hydrocodone addiction, others may want to help the addict recover from the addiction. When talking with the user about the problem and encouraging the user to get help does not work, it may be time to consider taking further steps. Holding an intervention is a popular and successful way to encourage your loved one to get treatment for hydrocodone addiction. Before planning an intervention, you must decide which type of intervention you would like to hold. The Johnson model intervention is a structured way to hold an intervention that may be suitable for some users.

What Is a Johnson Model Intervention?

A Johnson model intervention may seem similar to a traditional intervention, but there are several criteria intended to keep the focus on the user’s addiction in order to give the user the best chance at making the decision to seek addiction treatment. The Johnson model intervention should be well planned and should only focus on the user’s addiction and the specific effects it has had on the user and loved ones. The only thing discussed during a Johnson model intervention is the user’s addiction and the loved ones’ hope that the user will seek addiction treatment.

What Is the Goal of a Johnson Model Intervention?

The end goal of addiction treatment is for the user to have a full recovery. For a Johnson model intervention, the interventionist and loved ones should be solely focused on helping the user make the decision to seek addiction treatment. During the intervention, loved ones should stay on the topic of the addiction and should never get into a dispute with the user. Things should remain calm and focused on the addiction and addiction treatment. Family members and loved ones should provide specific examples to illustrate the user’s need for addiction treatment. At the end of the intervention, the loved ones should provide three treatment options that the user can choose from for addiction recovery.

Are You Addicted to Hydrocodone?

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