How Education Can Prevent Hydrocodone Addiction

How Education Can Prevent Hydrocodone Addiction

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to hydrocodone addiction, understanding the drug before taking it can prevent addiction. The synthetic opioid mix is highly addictive and has become one of the most widely used drugs in the country, affecting thousands of people one day at a time.

With most of our current drug education focusing on the effects of marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and over-the-counter drugs, many other popular substances such as hydrocodone have fallen through the cracks. Despite not having a major spotlight shining on the dangerous effects of this drug, hydrocodone awareness is slowly gaining momentum.

How Education Can Prevent Hydrocodone Addiction

Similar to other substances, education can create the opportunity for people to truly understand what they are experimenting with so they can make informed decisions. Education can provide a great deal of information for someone teetering on the line of whether or not to try a drug.

  • Prevent experimentation – One of the most common ways that people end up addicted to a drug like hydrocodone is when they experiment with it. Whether it is borrowed from a family member or tried out at a party, the desire to experiment usually comes from not fully understanding what the drug does.
  • Highlight “accidental” addiction – Hydrocodone is a common painkiller that is given to patients with moderate to severe pain. While this drug is known to help relieve these symptoms, it is also known to slowly creep up on the user in terms of the dependency it creates, making it difficult for them to stop using after their pain has subsided. If they learn about the warning signs of addiction, they can partner with their doctor to prevent an addiction like this from occurring.
  • Focus on health problems – Often times, drug use gets glorified in either film or TV, and many people think that if they try these drugs that nothing bad will happen to them. They might be right, but only for a small period of time. Using hydrocodone even once can kick start an addiction that with time, will lead to health problems such as respiratory problems, chest pain, seizures and abnormal thoughts. By talking about these negative side effects, potential first time users might be less willing to try a drug that can cause these kinds of health problems.

Another important aspect of hydrocodone education comes from the fact that it can help show someone how drug use is not going to solve their problems. Many people turn to painkillers such as hydrocodone to alleviate some form of emotional pain that is happening in their lives, but picking up a handful of pills is only going to make the problem worse. Through education, people can learn to work through their problems in a healthy manner, avoid experimentation, learn warning signs of addiction, and maintain their overall physical health by staying sober.

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