How Harmful Is Psychological Dependence on Hydrocodone?

How Harmful Is Psychological Dependence on Hydrocodone?

People may focus on the harmful effects of physical dependence, but the psychological effects of hydrocodone addiction can be equally as damaging. Hydrocodone is a powerful drug, so it is difficult to stop abusing it without help once you become dependent upon it. The psychological effects of hydrocodone dependence can not only make life difficult, but they can also make addiction treatment more challenging. The effects of psychological dependence are treatable, but your chances for recovering are better the sooner you seek treatment.

How Hydrocodone Addiction Changes Your Life

At first, you may not notice the changes that hydrocodone abuse causes, but psychological dependence will cause major problems. The first thing that hydrocodone abuse changes is users’ behavior. Users may abuse hydrocodone sporadically at first, but, as people abuse the drug more and more, they may begin to lie about how often they use, or they will make up lies to use more substances. In fact, when you are dependent upon hydrocodone, it changes the way you think, so you begin to feel helpless about quitting it. When addicts go without hydrocodone, getting more is often the only thought in their minds. Seek treatment for hydrocodone addiction to rewire your brain to function without hydrocodone; in doing so, you can begin leading a normal life again.

Hydrocodone and Mental Disorders

If you are predisposed to mental disorders or already have such a problem, then hydrocodone dependence could either cause new symptoms to surface, or it could exacerbate old symptoms. Many users turn to hydrocodone to self-medicate a mental disorder, but, whether your disorder is new or occurred previously, it will become linked to your addiction. In other words, you may turn to hydrocodone when you experience symptoms from your mental disorder, but your continual hydrocodone abuse worsens the symptoms you will experience. The longer you abuse hydrocodone, the more severe your symptoms will become; however, addiction treatment can help you learn more about the link between dependence and mental disorders.

Get Help with Hydrocodone Addiction

No one has to face hydrocodone addiction without help. To learn more about the types of treatment that are available and to find out if your health insurance will help pay for rehab, call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about addiction and to describe what effective addiction treatment looks like. Call now to begin planning your recovery today.