How Helping Others Can Boost Your Recovery from Hydrocodone

How Helping Others Can Boost Your Recovery from Hydrocodone

Recovery from drugs like hydrocodone takes on many facets. You attend meetings. You talk with your sponsor. You take action to start caring for your body, which can include exercise, massage and healthy eating. You work on making repairs to relationships damaged by your addiction to hydrocodone. Another way to boost your recovery is by helping others.

Ways that helping others boosts your hydrocodone recovery:

  • Helping others gives you a distraction from your cravings. – Having a place to serve and invest in people can give you the distraction you need when the cravings surge. With something else to occupy your mind, you give yourself a greater chance at avoiding relapse and maintaining sobriety.
  • Helping others boosts your self-esteem. – When you descend in the downward spiral of addiction, one of the casualties is your self-esteem. Under the hold of addiction, you will engage in behaviors that you would never consider while clean and sober. You hurt people you love. You got into legal trouble. You might have lost your job. Those negative consequences hurt your self-esteem. Or, you possibly used drugs initially as a way to forget feelings of already established worthlessness. By helping others, you feel good about yourself. You can take pride in knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life. Increased self-esteem boosts your recovery.
  • Helping others provides a new outlet for your time and energy. – When you were in the throes of addiction to hydrocodone, everything in your life revolved around it. You spent your time using the drug, thinking of ways to get more of it and thinking of ways to get money for more of it. When you started recovery, your new sobriety left a gaping hole in your time and energy. Helping others provides an outlet for this time and energy. It also gives you somewhere to invest your emotions and passions. Find a cause you care about — children’s cancer research, homeless veterans, at-risk teenagers or stray and abused animals. When you find that thing that stirs your heart, give your time, energy and attention to it.
  • Helping others gives you perspective. – Sometimes in addiction recovery, you can become so inwardly focused on your own situation that you lose sight of others who are struggling. Giving to other people allows you to gain better perspective about your life and the world around you. You learn about people in need, discover that your situation is not as bad as you’ve imagined and take steps toward a more positive outlook on your life.

You will find that giving to others provides innumerable other blessings that will aid in your recovery. The key is to try out different service avenues and opportunities, find the ones that best suit your passions and commit to serving others.

Getting Help For Your Hydrocodone Addiction

If you or a loved one is struggling with a hydrocodone addiction, we can help. You can call our toll free helpline any time, 24 hours a day. You can talk with one of our admissions coordinators who will help you determine the best kind of treatment for your situation. There’s so much more to life than hydrocodone. Discover what life has to offer by starting on the road of recovery today.