How Hydrocodone Rehab Works

How Hydrocodone Rehab Works

Millions of people have found themselves caught in a life-threatening addiction to the prescription pain-killer hydrocodone. Similarly to its more infamous street-drug cousin heroin, hydrocodone can get its addictive hooks in a person quickly and often without them having the slightest idea that it is happening. For most of these users, a hydrocodone rehab center will offer them the best odds at a long-term recovery and a return to a happy, productive life.

How Hydrocodone Addiction Develops

Though it is certainly possible, patients with no history of addiction or substance abuse, who follow their doctor’s instructions diligently and quit taking the drug as soon as possible, are unlikely to end in an addiction. Tolerance to hydrocodone builds very rapidly, meaning that they user will need larger and larger doses to feel the same effect. The drug has a euphoric, intoxicating effect as well, establishing a powerful and unforeseen psychological addiction in many users. If these addicts stop taking the drug they will experience a range of extremely difficult symptoms of withdrawal.

Just a hint of these symptoms sends some addicts back to the drug, finding a supply from an illegal dealer or receiving multiple prescriptions from various doctors. Their brain will cease production of natural “feel-good” chemicals, rendering them dependent on the drug to even feel like their usual self. In this way a strong physical dependency is established, even as the craving for the high digs them into a psychological addiction that may be even harder to kick. Signs of physical and psychological addiction to hydrocodone include

  • Pre-occupation with possessing pills
  • Taking more pills than instructed, or for a longer period of time than prescribed
  • Lying to yourself, your doctor, your pharmacist or others about your drug use
  • Defensiveness when approached about your problem
  • Fear of withdrawal
  • Persistent inability to focus
  • Continued use despite negative consequences

Because most hydrocodone addicts are first exposed to the drug through legitimate prescriptions it can be very difficult for them to admit to themselves that they have a problem. Denial and justification will delay treatment for many, driving them deeper and deeper into the hole.

Why Hydrocodone Rehab Is So Important

Many people will try to quit taking hydrocodone on their own, but will fail. They may underestimate the intensity of withdrawal or the power of a psychological addiction. Their body and their mind lie to them, twisting everything around until they succumb once again to the drug. Relapse will send some into desperation and others further into a drug-fueled oblivion. Well qualified treatment centers understand all this and offer a wide range of services and therapeutic techniques that the addict may or may not be able to imagine or comprehend.

Medically supervised detox may relieve some of the worst symptoms of withdrawal while thorough rehab allows the patient to find a new, healthy way to think and act and be. Group and individual counseling, learning healthy habits and lifestyles, twelve-step programs, spiritual care and finding positive, caring relationships in an environment removed from everyday life all help transform the mind of the addict into what it was designed to be in the first place.

Kick Hydrocodone Addiction with Our Help

If you have any questions about your drug use or would like to talk to a specially trained addiction specialist in complete confidentiality, our 24 hour, toll-free help line is always open. We know how challenging this struggle is, and we know how to help you achieve your goals. Call today, and let us help you take the first steps toward substance freedom.