How Much Should I Tell My Kids About My Hydrocodone Addiction?

How Much Should I Tell My Kids About My Hydrocodone Addiction?

Talking to you children about your hydrocodone addiction can seem like an uncomfortable situation. You may be worried about telling them about your problem, because you don’t want them to think it’s okay for them to make the same mistakes. However fully discussing your past or present addiction and keeping communication open between you and your children can prevent them from taking a similar path.

Talking about How You Became Addicted to Hydrocodone

Talk to your children about how you became addicted to hydrocodone. Some people (especially children) don’t understand how addiction begins, and they may see your drug use as their fault. Explain that addiction can occur because of intentional abuse or as the result of prescription drug use. Sharing information about how addiction starts as well as talking about peer pressure, poor stress management and other factors in drug use can help your children better understand the importance of avoiding hydrocodone and other drug addiction.

Talking About Your Struggles with Hydrocodone Addiction

Talking to your children about some of the personal hardships or experiences that have accompanied your hydrocodone addiction can help children understand the realities of living with addiction. You can talk to them about your addiction recovery experience, but tailor discussions to the age and maturity of your children. Hydrocodone addiction recovery requires determination, professional help and personal strength, and sharing this journey can help your children understand where you were and where you are now.

Talking about Hydrocodone Addiction and Treatment

We are here to talk with you about sharing your addiction experiences or your options for addiction recovery. We can help you explain a past addiction or a future rehab stay with your children. Call our toll-free helpline, and talk with us now. We are here for you 24 hours a day.