How Others Influence Your Hydrocodone Use

How Others Influence Your Hydrocodone Use

Hydrocodone is one of the most commonly abused prescription pills in the country, and millions of individuals abuse it on a daily basis. Even though it is abused at high rates, the majority of individuals living in the United States are well informed that drugs such as hydrocodone can be extremely addictive and can cause serious health risks when abused. These messages of the dangers associated with hydrocodone abuse come pouring in through TV, newspaper, magazine and radio outlets, often influencing individuals to steer clear of hydrocodone use. While there are many positive messages being sent out by the media to prevent addiction development, there are also numerous messages promoting substance abuse.

Hydrocodone Abuse Influences

You might not realize it, but you bear witness to a variety of different drug references every day. These references can come from popular rap songs and even pop songs on mainstream channels, primetime television shows, co-workers and family members. Media influences, plus the influences of your peers, can cause you to misuse hydrocodone for the following reasons:

  • Desiring acceptance – Since the media is infiltrated with individuals who are constantly talking about the use of hydrocodone or other drugs of abuse, you and your peers may feel as though the only way to gain the same type of acceptance is through participating in similar actions, causing you to use hydrocodone to fit in and emulate these specific celebrities.
  • Following family footsteps – It is also possible that a number of your family members have abused hydrocodone to a point where it was considered normal to them. This can minimize the threat of the drug in your mind and can also send a message to you that it is acceptable to use this type of drug. This can cause you, plus other members of your family, to continue the cycle of hydrocodone abuse.
  • Career pressures – Many high-powered individuals are also abusing hydrocodone. When these high powered individuals present you with the opportunity to use as well, you might feel obligated to use to prevent those above you from thinking that you are judging their use or are not cool enough to use.

Numerous individuals and media outlets can influence your hydrocodone abuse, including celebrities, family members and bosses.

The Benefits of Positive Media Outlets

These days, there is no escaping the media as it is on phones, iPads, laptops, TVs and more. As a result, there has been a massive increase in promotional messaging. Positive media messaging that works to dispel the allure of hydrocodone abuse can be highly beneficial in that it can help provide a sense of guidance for those individuals who need it most. Rather than championing hydrocodone abuse, many media outlets help inform and educate the general public to prevent individuals from abusing hydrocodone as a result of negative influences, such as the media and their peers.

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