How to Further Your Recovery from Hydrocodone

How to Further Your Recovery from Hydrocodone

After you complete a drug rehab program, achieve hydrocodone addiction recovery, and return home, you may feel listless. You may not know how to spend the time and money you once used for drug abuse. You may wonder how you are going to further your hydrocodone recovery after rehab, in your old environment, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed by or unaccustomed to life without substance abuse. These are normal problems and you can overcome them.

What Happens When I Finish Hydrocodone Rehabilitation?

After rehab, it is important to continue utilizing a strong support system. You can stay in touch with your rehab center and attend events for alumni. Also, you can join an outpatient support group. However, other activities that are purely recreational in nature can also be helpful.

Consider joining a gym or a jogging group. You can also take aerobics or dancing classes. You could attend a church and become an active member. In fact, there are many ways to plug yourself into a community and make friends, and with each new friend you make, you may have found someone who can contribute to your support system. It is important to find positive activities that further your recovery, because hydrocodone addiction recovery requires a steady effort that is made possible by supportive people you can trust.

Why Should I Continue Working on Recovery after Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment?

After a hydrocodone rehab program is complete, patients leave controlled environments and constant support behind. They instantly return to ordinary life, which can be filled with triggers that may potentially lead to relapse. For example, visiting certain locations or spending time with certain people may awaken old feelings that cause drug abuse. These situations can be difficult to avoid and therefore, a consistent, quality support system is vital. Many recovered addicts have sponsors, or someone experienced to call when they are facing a trigger.

Help Finding Rehabilitation Services for Hydrocodone Addiction

Are you addicted to hydrocodone? Do you need help establishing and maintaining hydrocodone addiction recovery? If so, we can help. Just call our toll-free helpline for support, so one of our trusted counselors can answer your questions and discuss treatment options with you. We can also check your insurance information for your level of addiction treatment coverage. We are available 24 hours a day, and all calls are free and confidential, so please, don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime. We are eager and willing to help.