Hydrocodone Abuse and Bipolar Disorder

Hydrocodone Abuse and Bipolar Disorder

If you struggle with bipolar disorder, you need to be careful about drug abuse, and you should carefully monitor your prescriptions to make sure that you do not cause further problems like drug addiction. Hydrocodone does help with the effects of bipolar disorder to a certain degree, especially in the treatment of pain, so your doctor may prescribe you this drug to help you cope with the symptoms of this debilitating disorder. However, hydrocodone is highly addictive, and you should take great care against hydrocodone abuse to avoid addiction and its harmful effects.

How Hydrocodone Abuse Affects Bipolar Disorder

While hydrocodone use may be helpful to some patients who struggle with bipolar disorder, abusing hydrocodone is always for the worse. Hydrocodone abuse can harm your health and life in many ways, especially if you are already struggling with bipolar disorder. Drug abuse and addiction can cause your symptoms of bipolar disorder to worsen and its effects to increase. Hydrocodone abuse can also lead to an addiction which can be costly on your physical health as well as your well-being in many other areas of your life.

Hydrocodone addiction alone can cause you to have problems with your relationships and in your career. These effects are only worsened by the presence of bipolar disorder. Your relationships can suffer due to hydrocodone abuse because it can cause you to neglect your responsibilities to your loved ones and become secretive with them about your life. These behaviors can harm your relationship with someone that you love, and this damage may be irreparable. Addiction or drug abuse can also cause you to lose your job or not be able to find a job that meets your qualifications. Hydrocodone abuse and addiction can be detrimental to your life and well-being, but adding it on top of bipolar disorder only makes it worse. Be extra careful around the drugs that you take if you struggle with bipolar disorder, as this will give you the best chance of avoiding such tragedies.

Help with Hydrocodone Addiction and Bipolar Disorder

If you are currently struggling with bipolar disorder and hydrocodone abuse or addiction, call our toll-free helpline now. Our addiction counselors are available to you 24 hours a day, and they can help answer your questions and find you the professional help that you need. They can even help you find out if your insurance will be able to help you pay for treatment. Call us now and find the help you need to start your recovery from hydrocodone abuse and bipolar disorder.