Hydrocodone Abuse and Drug Interactions

Hydrocodone Abuse and Drug Interactions

Hydrocodone is an extremely addictive pain-reliever that, when abused, generates strong addictive aspects. Mixing this drug with others will greatly increase its strength and therefore your risk of addiction becomes much greater. Hydrocodone addiction can be very difficult to deal with and should be avoided at all costs. Seek help today for any hydrocodone abuse.

Hydrocodone and Other Drugs

If you abuse hydrocodone recreationally, then you are likely to be abusing other substances at the same time. Many drug addicts abuse alcohol and other over-the-counter substances at the same time in social settings. These combinations of drugs can be extremely dangerous as they greatly increase your risk of overdose and addiction. A few common symptoms of hydrocodone overdose include the following issues:

  • Fatigue
  • Issues with breathing

If you get professional help before much damage is done to your respiratory system, then you will probably be okay if you suffer from hydrocodone overdose. However, hydrocodone overdose can be very serious and even fatal at times. Also, if you mix hydrocodone with other substances, your risk of overdose and its symptoms become much more severe. Also, the time shortens in that you must find professional help before much long-term damage is done to your body. Mixing substances with hydrocodone can put you at a great risk of severe and immediate danger.

Hydrocodone Addiction and Other Drugs

Mixing other substances with your hydrocodone abuse can put you at a greater risk of becoming addicted to multiple substances at a time. This is still a treatable situation with the right professional help, but it becomes much more difficult for you to deal with personally. The physical demands of overcoming multiple addictions are much greater, as are the mental, emotional and psychological demands of dealing with multiple problems at once. Mixing other substances with your hydrocodone abuse might seem like fun in some social settings, but this idea can spell much more trouble long term than you could ever imagine.

Hydrocodone Addiction Help

Our toll-free helpline is available to you 24 hours a day with abuse and addiction counselors ready to take your call. These professionals can answer your questions about hydrocodone abuse and drug interactions. They can help you find the right professional treatment for your specific needs, and they can even help you find out if your health insurance will help you cover the costs of treatment. Call us now and find the professional treatment that you need to start a new, sober life.