Hydrocodone Addiction and Senior Citizens

Hydrocodone Addiction and Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens take a plethora of prescription drugs for the many health problems they experience. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, three in 10 elderly people ages 57-85 are prescribed at least five medications for their health issues. What is more is that many of these people take hydrocodone for pain related to problems like arthritis or orthopedic complications. In short, senior citizens may become addicted to this powerful painkiller, so seek professional help to manage not only the addiction, but also any other physical conditions your loved one has.

Causes of Hydrocodone Addiction in Senior Citizens

Many factors can contribute to hydrocodone addiction in the elderly population, and many of these factors also cause addiction in other age groups. Some of these causes include the following examples:

  • Trying to relieve pain – Elderly people often take more drugs than prescribed to alleviate pain, which is a common reason for hydrocodone addiction. This practice can be as simple as using just one more pill than necessary, but this practice is highly dangerous nevertheless.
  • Coping through use – Many elderly individuals suffer psychological damage from traumatic experiences. Sometimes these behaviors and problems go untreated, which leaves people on their own in terms of coping. Therefore, if people never seek treatment for these issues, they may become more likely to abuse prescription hydrocodone to cope with resulting stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Unknowing use – The most dangerous cause of hydrocodone addiction in the elderly includes an addiction that develops without them knowing it. Because hydrocodone is highly addictive, it is incredibly likely that users can become dependent without being aware.

Elderly people are just as likely to develop an addiction to hydrocodone as any other age group, especially as their pain levels are generally higher, they have likely endured emotional distress and are at risk for becoming addicted unknowingly. If any of these factors affect you or a loved one, then seek professional help as soon as possible.

Addiction Treatment for the Elderly

Based on current trends, SAMHSA estimates that by 2020 4.4 million elderly individuals will be addicted to drugs like hydrocodone. To curb that number, the elderly population can treat their current addictions thought options like individual and group counseling. In addition, the elderly population can participate in holistic treatment as well as strong aftercare programs that promote sobriety for the rest of their lives.

Hydrocodone Abuse Help for Senior Citizens

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