Hydrocodone Addiction in the LGBT Community

Hydrocodone Addiction in the LGBT Community

Even though the US has made leaps in terms of social equality, there are still many challenges to address. Currently, members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community are regularly fighting for equal rights, combating social prejudice and overcoming discrimination. This immense pressure can easily lead to substance abuse, which has been proven true in the countless LGBT people who have abused hydrocodone. However, with professional help you can address both the pressures of an LGBT lifestyle and its resulting drug abuse.

Causes of Hydrocodone Addiction in the LGBT Community

A person in the LGBT community has unique challenges over someone who is heterosexual. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding the LGBT lifestyle has become negative for many people, which can lead to disappointments for those who are not heterosexual. In other words, preconceived notions can lead LGBT people to abuse hydrocodone in any of the following ways:

  • Verbal discrimination – Social discrimination can make a member of the LGBT community grow increasingly discouraged. This kind of discrimination can include name-calling, mistreatment and prejudice. These derogative behaviors can lead people to abuse prescription drugs like hydrocodone to drown out the stress of this abuse.
  • Legal actions – Unlike heterosexual couples, members of the LGBT community lack many civil rights. This means that people in many states cannot get married and declare their love for one another. Also, LGBT couples are restricted from specific rights when in the hospital, including visitation and executor rights. These social constraints often make members of the LGBT community grow increasingly frustrated with the government to a point where they abuse hydrocodone to cope with their anger.

Between verbal discrimination and legal actions taken against them, the LGBT community faces many struggles that can predispose them to hydrocodone abuse.

How to Address Issues of LGBT Hydrocodone Abuse

Fighting for civil rights has always been difficult, which makes day-to-day life incredibly difficult for the LGBT community. This builds frustration, anger, sadness and depression for all involved, and all of these emotions put LGBT members susceptible to hydrocodone abuse to block out their struggles. While it takes time to overcome stigmas and change laws, those who struggle with hydrocodone addiction need to seek treatment to address their problems. By developing positive coping skills, learning how to stay positive and working to maintaining mental health, members of the LGBT community can avoid hydrocodone addiction and work for their rights in a healthy manner.

Help for LGBT Hydrocodone Addicts

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get the assistance you need to stop using hydrocodone. Do not let the opinions of others and the challenges you face threaten your health. Call us right now to get started in recovery.