Hydrocodone Detox Programs

Hydrocodone Detox Programs

Hydrocodone is a narcotic that is used to treat pain. It is often combined with acetaminophen which amplifies the effects of the drug.

Hydrocodone Withdrawal Symptoms

Some hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms include the following:

  • An insatiable craving for the drug
  • A high degree of agitation
  • Muscle and bone pain
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Diarrhea
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Twitching

Hydrocodone Detoxification Programs

Detox is the first step in the rehab process. During detox an individual rids her body of all traces of drugs. If an individual doesn’t go through detox before entering a rehab program, they can experience cravings during rehab and even years afterward. Hydrocodone detox can take some time, but it does contribute to a successful recovery.

Withdrawal can be uncomfortable and should be overseen by medical professionals. Hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms usually last for ten to fourteen days. Detox medication therapy may be used if withdrawal symptoms are particularly uncomfortable and painful, but be careful when taking medicine to alleviate the pain of withdrawal symptoms as these medications can often have addictive properties themselves. Many individuals often find themselves addicted to the medicine that was supposed to help them fight withdrawal symptoms from their original addiction. It’s always better to go without medication if at all possible.

Hydrocodone Detox Options

Typically when patients begin detox, they go to some sort of facility where they are overseen by medical professionals as they struggle through withdrawal symptoms and rid their bodies of the drug completely. This is the method that is most often used by individuals trying to get clean.

Another option is rapid detox. This is where an individual is put to sleep by anesthesia and forgoes the worst of withdrawal symptoms during the procedure. There have been reports of people undergoing this type of treatment and being clean in several days. Individuals should research this method thoroughly and make sure the program they choose follows all of the necessary safety protocols before submitting themselves to it. It is also important to remember that recovery does not end with detox, and a quality rehab program will include counseling and aftercare to help maintain the patient’s long term recovery success.

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