Hydrocodone Rehab 101

Hydrocodone Rehab 101

Hydrocodone is prescribed to patients dealing with mild to moderate pain and has become one of the most popular drugs of abuse. All kinds of people are becoming addicted to hydrocodone. When you are addicted to hydrocodone, the only way to get out of the cycle of addiction is to find treatment and begin healing. There are many sources of information on hydrocodone rehab, but it can be difficult to wade through them all and find the truth. Knowing about hydrocodone rehab can help you make an informed decision and choose the right treatment for you.

Hydrocodone Detoxification Treatment

When a person receives treatment for hydrocodone addiction, the process will begin with detox. Detox is a process where the user allows all drugs and other toxins to exit his or her body which leads to completion of withdrawal symptoms and the end of physical hydrocodone addiction. Detox should be medically supervised, because users will experience severe and often painful withdrawal symptoms until detox is complete. Detox can take place in a hospital, as an outpatient treatment option or in an inpatient addiction treatment center. It is advised that users attend detox in an inpatient addiction treatment center so that they can continue to receive treatment after detox.

Hydrocodone Rehabilitation Information

Hydrocodone rehab can last from two weeks to six months or more depending on the treatment center and the severity of the user’s addiction. Rehab should employ several types of treatment including individual therapy, group therapy, support groups and wellness programs. Hydrocodone rehab should focus on the holistic health of the user. This includes the user’s physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Hydrocodone addiction takes a great toll on a user’s health. A quality hydrocodone rehab center won’t just focus on the user’s physical health but will get to the root of his or her addiction and show the user how to manage cravings and temptations to avoid relapse.

Hydrocodone Addiction Relief

If you or a loved one needs hydrocodone addiction treatment or information about hydrocodone abuse, please call our toll-free helpline. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about hydrocodone rehab. Many health insurance companies now offer coverage for hydrocodone rehab, so be sure to ask if your policy provides this coverage. The only way to get better is to ask for help. Call us now, and start getting help today.