Hydrocodone Rehab: Myths vs. Facts

Hydrocodone Rehab:  Myths vs. Facts

Hydrocodone is an opiate drug that is commonly prescribed to treat pain. It is a sedative that produces feelings of calm and euphoria and has the potential to cause dangerous addiction. It is important for someone who has developed an addiction to hydrocodone to undergo professional rehab treatment. However, there are some myths about that treatment that can prevent that person from getting the help he or she needs.

Myth: Hydrocodone Rehabilitation Is Only a Program of Detoxification

While detox is important in the addiction treatment process, particularly in cases of opiate drugs such as hydrocodone, it is not a standalone treatment. Detox should merely be a first step in the treatment process. Treatment needs to be holistic, targeting not only the physical addiction but also the psychological addiction and issues in a person’s life that may be contributing to hydrocodone use. Medically supervised detox is necessary but should never be the only treatment a person receives.

Myth: All Hydrocodone Rehabilitation Is the Same

Drug treatment can vary greatly between facilities and between individual people. The process of rehab will look different for every person. There is no single right way to treat an addiction. Every person’s addiction is unique and must be treated that way in order for the treatment to be successful. Two people given identical treatment might respond completely differently. An individualized treatment plan should be created that targets a person’s unique hydrocodone addiction and circumstances surrounding that addiction. Rehab should be a multifaceted approach that combines many elements such as counseling, therapy and support group attendance, in order to treat the whole person and not just the addiction. One person may require Dual Diagnosis treatment in which co-occurring mental disorders are treated alongside the addiction. Another might find that a facility located in the mountains that offers equine therapy is what is needed to overcome the stress that led to hydrocodone use. Finding the right rehab treatment can mean the difference between success and relapse, so it is important to find the right fit.

Myth: A Person Can Never Fully Recover from Hydrocodone Addiction

Recovering from addiction can be a long and difficult process, and sometimes people don’t succeed the first or even second time. However, many people ultimately achieve a full and lasting recovery after hydrocodone addiction. When a person receives the appropriate help and treatment a full recovery is possible. Healing can happen and you can live a happy and healthy life without hydrocodone. The process may be long and difficult, but a drug-free life is worth the effort.

Do You Need Hydrocodone Rehabilitation Help?

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