Hydrocodone Tolerance and Abuse

Hydrocodone Tolerance and Abuse

Hydrocodone can be an effective and helpful painkiller, but after two weeks or fewer tolerance will begin to develop. This tolerance means that increasing the dosage becomes necessary for the same level of pain relief. Use of hydrocodone should only occur under a doctor’s supervision, and the drug should never be used to manage pain without a prescription or to provide a “high.”

Prescription Hydrocodone Abuse

Because hydrocodone is effective at reducing pain, it is susceptible to being abused. Individuals with pain issues find great relief when using the drug, but, because the body develops a tolerance for the drug, the user will need to increase the dose in order to counter the pain. This is the vicious cycle of drug tolerance, and the increased doses only increase tolerance. Users may resort to deception or theft to get large enough amounts of the drug to meet growing needs. Before this seems necessary, talk to your doctor. Spell out your concerns about increasing tolerance, and don’t simple accept higher dosages.

Recreational Hydrocodone Abuse

Tolerance also results from recreational use of the drug to feel good. Because the drug has a relaxing effect and temporarily works as an antidepressant, it is a popular drug among those who take it without pain issues and without a doctor’s supervision. Hydrocodone abuse may being as a form of stress relief, but, this is counterproductive, because as drug use increases and tolerance increases stress levels will also increase. If you are using the drug illegally, consider the serious consequences that your increasing tolerance will create such as health issues and financial troubles.

What to Do about Hydrocodone Tolerance

If you have found yourself using increasing amounts of hydrocodone, know that you can end tolerance to the drug. To get more information about tolerance, abuse and addiction and what you can do about them, call our toll-free 24 hour helpline.