Hydrocodone Use in Other Countries

Hydrocodone Use in Other Countries

Hydrocodone is a regularly prescribed opiate that is known to be highly addictive. It is used to treat patients who are dealing with severe pain.

The problem with opiates like hydrocodone is that it very easy to abuse, and users often build tolerance to the substance quickly, requiring them to take increasingly larger amounts of it to feel any effect. Such use often evolves into an addiction, and the intake of the drug becomes paramount in their lives.

Hydrocodone is not legally available without a prescription, but it is easily obtained on a number of online pharmacies that require little to no validation in order to receive the drug. Sometimes, as a user builds tolerance, they might also attempt visiting multiple doctors to receive multiple prescriptions for higher volumes of the substance.

Hydrocodone use varies from country to country, specifically with the legality of the substance. Here are some examples of how it is used around the world:

Listed as a narcotic, and for a short time it was available from Germany until 2002. Since the drug is no longer legally available in Germany, it’s no longer available in Austria for medical use.

No longer available legally for medical use.

No longer available legally for medical use.

It is used primarily as a cough suppressant versus its typical use for pain relief. It is prescribed under the name Biocdone.

The Netherlands
Not available legally for medical use.

United Kingdom
Not available legally for medical use.

There are some third world countries that have very loose regulations on medications where hydrocodone is available over-the-counter. Most countries where it is legal though, require a medical prescription. There are several online pharmacies, many of which are run through other countries, where hydrocodone is regularly available.

The United States is one of the few countries where use of the medication is still prescribed by doctors. Because of its highly addictive nature, the drug has been legally called into question in many cases. Currently, the United States Food and Drug Administration is considering banning some forms of hydrocodone from medical use, but no laws, similar to the above countries where it not legal, have been made as of June 2012. The overall attitude of the world appears to be slowly turning against the use of the drug.

How We Can Help

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