Hydromorphone Addiction Signs

Hydromorphone Addiction Signs

Hydromorphone is a pain-relieving drug commonly prescribed to treat severe pain. This drug is highly addictive, as it is an opioid and your body can develop tolerance to hydromorphone quickly. Your body will get used to a certain amount of hydromorphone in your system and stop responding to that amount. Some people respond by taking more hydromorphone, but this behavior is dangerous, as it can lead to addiction and other severe consequences. Never take more hydromorphone than your dosage instructions recommend or more frequently than they suggest. Always be sure to double check your dosage instructions with your doctor and/or pharmacist, and follow these instructions closely to guard yourself from hydromorphone addiction.

Symptoms of Hydromorphone Addiction

There are many signs and symptoms of hydromorphone addiction. Be aware of these signs and symptoms to be prepared and safe-guarded against hydromorphone addiction. The signs and symptoms of hydromorphone addiction include the following:

  • Having cravings for hydromorphone, when you don’t take enough hydromorphone or don’t take it often enough
  • Hiding your hydromorphone use habits from your friends and family
  • Finding ways of getting more hydromorphone from your doctor and/or pharmacist than he or she would ordinarily allow
  • Feeling that you need hydromorphone to deal with a particular problem in your life aside from physical pain

If you notice these signs and symptoms of hydromorphone addiction in yourself or someone around you, find immediate professional help. Finding professional recovery help as quickly as possible can give you the best chance of a successful and long-lasting recovery from hydromorphone addiction.

Address Hydromorphone Addiction Signs

Calling our toll-free helpline will jumpstart your journey toward recovery from hydromorphone abuse or addiction. Our helpline is staffed 24 hours a day, and our recovery counselors are ready and waiting to answer your questions about hydromorphone addiction. They can also help you find the right professional treatment facility for you and even help you find out if your insurance will help you pay for treatment. Call us now, and find the help you need.