I Am Addicted to Hydrocodone, and I Need Help

I Am Addicted to Hydrocodone, and I Need Help

Hydrocodone is a highly addictive opiate that can easily create addiction. It is important to recognize when you have developed a dependency on hydrocodone, as it can cause a downward spiral into poor health problems, severe legal and financial consequences and the destruction of relationships.

How to Tell If You Are Addicted to Hydrocodone

You may be dealing with hydrocodone addiction if you recognize any of the following problems:

  • You take higher doses than prescribed (if prescribed) to achieve the feeling of being high
  • You hide your usage from others by shying away from social events, gatherings or anything that could potentially interfere with your usage
  • A physical and mental dependency will develop, and will be noticeable when you exude withdrawal symptoms
  • Severe nausea, stomach problems and trouble passing urine
  • You find it necessary to find hydrocodone and/or the money to purchase it. Addicts may resort to theft or prostitution to obtain the drug

If you are experiencing symptoms such as these, then there is a major probability that you have a hydrocodone addiction.

How Hydrocodone Affects People

Admitting your addiction can be tremendously challenging, but the following issues are a number of the reasons you should admit your problem:

  • Your health. You cannot be both mentally and physically healthy if you are addicted to hydrocodone, as the drug deeply affects your organs and brain.
  • Your family and friends. When you are addicted to hydrocodone, your priorities shift drastically. You will focus on using the drug rather than your loved ones. Your addiction can supersede your other duties, which may build resentment and frustration for those who care about you.
  • Your employment. Few hydrocodone addicts will care to maintain employment due to the shift in your priorities toward drug use.

Once you realize that your hydrocodone use has gone too far, seeking treatment is the best way to salvage your life. Finding treatment is not difficult, as there are many resources and outlets available to you, including the following options:

  • Do some research online regarding treatment programs for hydrocodone addicts. Consider different types of treatment such as 12-step programs, in-patient care and sober living.
  • Contact facilities you see online and ask as many questions as necessary to understand the programs available to you
  • Talk to your doctor as she can help you take steps towards sobriety, including providing names of facilities and doctors who can treat your problems
  • Call a helpline, where you will be immediately connected with someone in the field who can guide you toward helpful treatment options

There is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed of your hydrocodone addiction. While addiction is a disease, it is your responsibility to take control over it. For the sake of your wellbeing and for those whom you love, finding immediate treatment is the best possible answer for your addiction.

Hydrocodone Addiction Help

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to connect yourself with helpful addiction professionals. Hydrocodone addiction is nothing to be embarrassed about. We want to help you get back on your feet. Do not wait one more day to start your recovery.