Is Depression the Root of Hydrocodone Abuse?

Is Depression the Root of Hydrocodone Abuse?

Depression is not always the root of hydrocodone abuse. However, it is a possible cause. Mental illness and substance abuse commonly co-occur in individuals. Depression is one of the more common mental health disorders to occur alongside an addiction.

Hydrocodone is a prescription painkiller that can induce a state of euphoria, and individuals who are depressed may use it to self-medicate. Abusing hydrocodone for its euphoric effects allows a depressed person to experience an escape from his negative feelings. However, the positive effects of the substance eventually fade away, leaving behind nothing but a devastating addiction.

Hydrocodone use leads to tolerance, the need for higher doses of the substance in order to achieve the same effects. Essentially, the more hydrocodone a person uses, the less effective it becomes. As such, an individual who abuses hydrocodone for a prolonged period of time will crave the drug more and more. Eventually, the user becomes addicted and feels that he needs hydrocodone in order to function in daily life.

How Depression Can Prolong a Hydrocodone Abuse Problem

A depressed hydrocodone user may feel hopeless against his addiction. The user may begin to abuse hydrocodone more frequently, because he feels there is no point in trying to resist his drug cravings. In this way, depression can prolong and even worsen a hydrocodone abuse problem. In order to experience a full recovery from hydrocodone abuse, an individual must receive adequate treatment for both his depression and his addiction.

Treatment for Hydrocodone Abuse and Depression

Those who suffer from co-occurring hydrocodone abuse and depression have multiple needs that may not all be addressed in traditional substance abuse treatment. While abstinence from hydrocodone effectively alleviates the physical symptoms of substance abuse, it does not necessarily help depression, and untreated depression is likely to lead to relapse. Individuals who have depression and a hydrocodone abuse problem can benefit from integrated treatment, which is designed to treat both mental health disorders and addictions as primary disorders. In an integrated treatment program, psychiatric treatment and medical care are provided simultaneously within a carefully coordinated treatment plan.

Need Help Finding High Quality Treatment for Hydrocodone Abuse?

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