Is Hydrocodone Addiction a Disease?

Is Hydrocodone Addiction a Disease?

Hydrocodone addiction does not care if you begin using with a prescription or for recreational purposes. Any extensive use or abuse can lead to addiction, and hydrocodone addiction will take over your life. While early use is a choice, addiction is a disease. Like a disease, hydrocodone addiction will not go away until you receive the personalized attention required to solve the problem. Hydrocodone addiction is also a disease in that it can be affected by family history and has negative physical effects on your body. If you want to end the disease of hydrocodone addiction, you will need professional help from a hydrocodone rehab program.

The Disease of Hydrocodone Addiction

Hydrocodone addiction is similar to other diseases, as some people are more likely to suffer from it than others. Genetic factors contribute to hydrocodone addiction, and if family members struggle or have struggled with substance abuse you are more likely to suffer from addiction yourself. However, those with no history of substance abuse in relatives still become addicted to hydrocodone. As hydrocodone addiction intensifies, you will begin to experience physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms that encourage you to abuse the drug more often and in higher doses. These cravings and withdrawal symptoms may begin in the form of headaches or other minor annoyances, but as your addiction develops they can worsen into vomiting, paranoia and insomnia.

When you receive treatment for the disease of hydrocodone addiction, you will go through a process called detox. Detox ends the physical hold the drug has on you. Withdrawal symptoms will occur during this time, but medically supervised detox services will alleviate the worst of these and ensure the safety of the recovering individual. Once you complete detox, you will feel better physically and will be able to think clearly. Detox will be followed by therapy and counseling that will help you overcome hydrocodone addiction and learn how to reenter the world as a drug-free individual.

Beating Hydrocodone Addiction

When you or a loved one is addicted to hydrocodone, you may feel helpless, but there is hope and help available. Our toll-free helpline is a great resource to use if you are looking for treatment or simply concerned about hydrocodone use. We can help you find the recovery resources that will match your needs and can help you determine if insurance will cover the cost of your treatment option of choice. We are here to help 24 hours a day. Pick up the phone now and make the most important call you have ever made.