Isolation and Hydrocodone Abuse

Isolation and Hydrocodone Abuse

Hydrocodone is a narcotic pain reliever that combines hydrocodone with the less potent pain reliever acetaminophen. It relieves pain by changing the way the brain responds to pain. This effect on the brain means hydrocodone has a relatively high addiction potential even for those who use it legitimately. Hydrocodone is especially dangerous when crushed, split or dissolved for use or used along with alcohol. When the full dose of a capsule is released all at once, the risk of overdose and death is increased greatly.

Isolation as a Cause of Hydrocodone Addiction

Hydrocodone addiction is influenced by a number of factors, and no two addiction cases are identical. There is rarely ever one single cause of addiction, but it is true that feelings of isolation are often part of the decision to use drugs like hydrocodone. When a person is physically or emotionally separated from friends and family, the resulting loneliness can result in psychological struggles that lead to drug abuse and addiction. When divorced from feelings of community or companionship, hydrocodone can provide a false sense of relief and even become a substitute for real human relationships and interaction.

Isolation as a Result of Hydrocodone Addiction

In addition to contribution to substance abuse, isolation is also a common side effect of hydrocodone addiction. Hydrocodone addiction can cause a person to abandon the relationships that were once most important. Obtaining and using hydrocodone can become the top priority in the person’s life ahead of family, friends and work. Secrecy and deceit surrounding hydrocodone use can also cause users to pull away from loved ones.

Not only is isolation both a cause and result of hydrocodone addiction, but it also makes drug abuse much harder to overcome. Once a person has removed him or herself from positive sources of support, it becomes more difficult to reach out from help. If you struggle with hydrocodone addiction, you may feel separated from any hope of recovery, but asking for help is the only way to truly recovery.

End Hydrocodone Abuse and Isolation

If you or someone you love struggles with hydrocodone addiction and isolation, we want to help. Call our 24 hour toll-free helpline to speak with a helpful representative who can help you end your isolation and finding the hydrocodone abuse treatment you need. You are not alone, and there is hope for recovery.