Nature vs. Nurture: What Makes a Hydrocodone Addict?

Nature vs. Nurture: What Makes a Hydrocodone Addict?

Understanding hydrocodone addiction is difficult for both users and their loved ones. Loved ones are known to blame themselves for the user’s addiction, but enabling a user is only one aspect of addiction. Some people believe addiction is purely genetic, that a person’s family history may cause addiction to be a user’s destiny. Although genetics and a user’s environment are both factors that contribute to hydrocodone addiction, addiction is too complex to pinpoint one single area that causes it to occur. Many different factors may help cause hydrocodone addiction, but the only way to heal from addiction is to seek professional treatment.

Genetics and Hydrocodone Addiction

In recent years, it has become widely accepted that genetics play a major role in hydrocodone addiction. At one time people used to blame addiction on the user, but as a society we have gotten past that to realize that addiction is not completely a person’s choice. If you have a family history of addiction, be it alcohol, hydrocodone, or another drug, you may be more likely to become addicted than another person. This does not mean you have no chance to stay clean, but you must take steps others may not need to take in order to protect yourself from addiction. While some may be able to have a drink occasionally and not become addicted, you must either remain completely abstinent from alcohol or prescription drug use, or be wary in general of what you consume.

Hydrocodone Addiction and Environment

Your environment, the people you interact with, and the type of lifestyle you live can have a major hand in the development of hydrocodone addiction. People have come from difficult backgrounds and successfully avoided hydrocodone addiction, but it may be more challenging for someone coming from a challenging background than a person in supportive, sober environments. If you have friends that abuse hydrocodone and encourage you to abuse the drug as well, it may be hard for you to avoid hydrocodone abuse. You may have to make new friends in order to avoid hydrocodone addiction. Family members that enable your addiction by allowing you to live with them while you abuse hydrocodone may also be contributing factors to your addiction. The only way to avoid environmental concerns about hydrocodone addiction is to change your circumstances and rid yourself of negative influences in your life.

Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment

Instead of allowing your environment or genetic history to get the best of you, seek hydrocodone addiction treatment today and begin receiving treatment that will help you heal from your addiction. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day to assist people with questions just like you to find full and lasting recovery. Call us now and let us help you find the answers to your questions about hydrocodone addiction and direct you to a treatment center that will help you.