Recover from Hydrocodone Abuse

Recover from Hydrocodone Abuse

Hydrocodone, while perceived as safe, is both physically addicting and emotionally devastating. Most hydrocodone abusers live in denial that they have an addiction at all. They argue that they don’t abuse the drug, but use it only to alleviate pain. And they argue that it isn’t as dangerous as “street drugs” like heroin, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine. But nothing could be further from the truth, as hydrocodone is just as serious and deadly as these other substances.

Long-term use of hydrocodone almost guarantees addiction as the body adjusts to dosage levels and requires more and more over time to manage pain. With prolonged use, users risk liver damage and other health complications. But the good news is that recovery is possible. There is hope for long-term recovery from hydrocodone addiction.

What Does Hydrocodone Treatment Look Like?

When you make the decision to seek treatment, the first step for most addictions is detox. Detox often requires 24 hour medical supervision, but that allows you or your loved one to safely metabolize the drug out of the body.  Some detox programs involved a medical protocol, designed to reduce and sometimes eliminate the symptoms associated with withdrawal. Some programs offer natural detox in which the individual stops taking the drug “cold turkey” and is closely monitored by a team of medical and counseling professionals. Detox from hydrocodone usually takes between three to five days.

Whether residential or outpatient, treatment for hydrocodone addiction addresses both the physical and psychological components of the addiction. And although programs vary from facility to facility, comprehensive, quality rehab will include the following options: individual and group drug counseling, aftercare to help addicts learn how get back to ‘real life’ without the drug of choice and ongoing participation in a 12-step program with follow-up counseling options.

All these components of treatment provide you or your loved one with new information to help you understand their addiction and new, healthy solutions for living without hydrocodone.

Need Help Finding Hydrocodone Addiction Help?

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