Recreational Hydrocodone Use among 18-25 Year-Olds

Recreational Hydrocodone Use among 18-25 Year-Olds

Recently there has been increasing numbers in hydrocodone addiction among 18 to 25-year-olds. People have abused prescription drugs for quite some time, but the prevalence of painkiller addiction among this age group is quite alarming. Get help for people in this age range who abuses these drugs.

How Hydrocodone Addiction Develops

Hydrocodone addiction typically starts on a recreational level. College and non-college students alike are highly susceptible to hydrocodone addiction due to the high levels of stress they feel. Most college students and young adults live independently from their parents for the first time during this age, which means that they are free from the supervision and support that parents offer. Because of these changes accompanied by the final stages of brain development, many young adults have higher risks of developing depression and anxiety. These changes can lead to binge drinking and recreational hydrocodone abuse to treat depression.

People can quickly become tolerant to hydrocodone, which means users must take higher doses to feel the same effects. Once the body has developed a hydrocodone dependency, the signs of a hydrocodone addiction will present themselves.

How to Treat Hydrocodone Addiction

It is quite difficult to quit a painkiller addiction. Hydrocodone detox is often most comfortable and successful when addicts do so under the guidance and supervision of medical professionals, because they know how the drug can impact the body. Get help for every aspect of breaking the addiction.

Staging an intervention is a great way to ensure that your words reach your addicted loved one. To be effective, stage an intervention outside the user’s environment, like at home over spring break or summer vacation. Prior to staging the intervention, have a qualified hydrocodone rehab center standing by to accept your loved one. Hydrocodone addiction can devastate an addict, and it may take many years to recover from the effects. Therefore, seek treatment as soon as possible for the best chances at recovery.

Hydrocodone Addiction Rehabilitation

Getting professional treatment for a hydrocodone addict is a time-sensitive issue. Call our toll-free helpline to speak with counselors who know about the impact of hydrocodone dependency. Our counselors can guide you to qualified interventionists and the right rehab facility for your loved one’s unique needs. You can recover if you have the right help, and our counselors can connect you with reputable resources. You can piece your life back together if you seek professional treatment for hydrocodone addiction. Get help right now to get and stay clean from hydrocodone.