Rediscovering Life without Hydrocodone

Rediscovering Life without Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is a very strong opiate medication, considered a Schedule II drug according to the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 because of its addictive properties.

Hydrocodone Abuse for Chronic Pain

Patients prescribed this medication after injury or major surgery commonly become accidentally addicted. Chronic pain is a terrible affliction that can make it seem impossible to stop hydrocodone abuse. The Rebound Effect is a sudden, intense return of the pain which hydrocodone was originally prescribed for. This presents a huge barrier of pain that often keeps addicts returning to hydrocodone. Doctors can help you by using Gradual Detox, a method of slowly stepping the patient off hydrocodone, little by little, so that these symptoms lessen or even disappear. Medical professionals at rehab may be able to treat your pain in other ways such as physical therapy or other less addictive medications.

Hydrocodone, Creativity and Image

Many people find themselves in a serious addiction because they are using hydrocodone to supplement their creativity or bolster their image. Peer pressure can be a powerful thing. The risks involved with drug use are not worth supporting your social status. If you do want to involve your friends or family in treatment, group therapy is a great way to do that. You can learn more about yourself while rediscovering relationships damaged by hydrocodone abuse.

Compulsive Hydrocodone Use

Some people have difficulty recovering from drug abuse because their addiction is a chronic disease. When addiction becomes controlling, and use becomes compulsive, you need outside help to recover. Don’t try to get clean alone. At a certified rehab facility, treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and private therapy will give you the skills to avoid relapsing. You can relearn how to avoid environmental relapse triggers.

Benefits of Hydrocodone Rehabilitation

Enrolling in a rehab facility will open up so many opportunities for you. Rehab can be a place of learning, self-discovery and healing. It may be a slow process overcoming the psychological effects of addiction, but rediscovering your life will be worth the time. Being able to have control back of your life and know that you are the one making decisions will be extremely gratifying. You may even find that without hydrocodone you can think and express yourself much more clearly. Rehab can be a way to start repairing damages done to relationships while consumed by addiction. Rediscover how much better your new life will be after overcoming an addiction to hydrocodone.

Rediscover Life without Hydrocodone

Please don’t hesitate to start a life free from hydrocodone. Call us at our toll-free helpline for more information about rehab or other drug abuse subjects. We keep our phone lines available to you 24 hours a day. We are here to help when you need us.