Support Groups for Hydrocodone Addiction

Support Groups for Hydrocodone Addiction

Hydrocodone is a narcotic pain reliever that causes a calm, euphoric feeling. Despite its benefits in pain relief, it can be very easy to form a physical, emotional, and psychological addiction to hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is believed to be one of the most abused prescription drugs in the country. Addiction to hydrocodone can become a chronic condition if an addict does not receive hydrocodone help treatment.

The first step in recovering from hydrocodone addiction is to realize that there is a problem, then you can seek and accept help. Many people try to break the addiction on their own but they are rarely successful for long term recovery. Attending a treatment center is probably the best way to recover from drug addiction and receive the counsel and support that is needed in a safe and structured environment.

After rehab, all recovering addicts are faced with the challenge of relapse. Having both formal and informal support systems is crucial to remaining drug-free. Lean on friends, family, counselors and support groups to process your challenges, emotions, and feelings. The more positive influences in your life, the better your chances for long term recovery. Recovering from drugs isn’t easy, but with encouragement, support, and counsel, it is possible.

Why Are Support Groups Important for Recovery From Hydrocodone Addiction?

If you’re suffering from addiction to hydrocodone, there are drug support groups that can be invaluable to your recovery. There are many research studies that show that the chances of recovering improves greatly when addicts regularly attend support groups as part of their recovery treatment. It can be very healing to be in a community with other people who are going through the same thing that you are.

Becoming involved in a support group can also provide you with accountability partners that you can call when you are experiencing intense cravings and temptations. It is important for the addict to not become isolated, but to lean into the support of other people who have gone through the same thing.

It is pretty common to feel scared and anxious about attending your first support group. Many people are unsure about opening up and being vulnerable with a group of strangers. Others feel that their situation is hopeless and that attending meetings won’t change anything. It is normal to feel this way but you must not let fear keep you from taking necessary steps to end your addiction to drugs once and for all.

Finding Support Groups for Drug Addiction

Narcotics Anonymous is a 12 step program fellowship for men and women to share their experiences, strength, and hope with each other, to solve their common problem of drug addiction. Narcotics Anonymous addresses the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental changes that need to occur to live without drugs. Visit the Narcotics Anonymous website,, to find a meeting in your area.

There are also support groups for people that have loved ones addicted to drugs. It can be very challenging and painful watching your loved one battle drug addiction. Nar-Anon is a 12 step program designed to help relatives and friends of addicts recover from the effects of living with an addicted relative or friend. Nar-Anon’s program was derived from Narcotics Anonymous but is focused on helping people who have experienced a problem of drug addiction with a friend or family member. The meetings are usually held at a community center, church, hospital or treatment center.

Do You Have any Questions About Joining a Support Group for Hydrocodone Addiction?

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