The Importance of Liking Yourself

The Importance of Liking Yourself

A person’s self-esteem is generally shattered by addiction. Addicts’ friends and family may look down on them, society may judge them, and quite often they feel the same way about themselves. Addiction can make a person feel worthless, disgraceful and irredeemable. Through treatment, however, a person can change these views; he can repair his self-image and how other people view him. Self-image, or the idea one has of oneself, is a vital component of addiction recovery. A person must repair his self-image and self-esteem if he wishes to find and maintain recovery in the long-term. The importance of liking yourself and having a positive self-image for addiction recovery is a no-brainer; a person has to want to get better. He must want to attain recovery and believe that he is worth it. If a person does not like himself or believe he is good enough for a healthy, happy life, he will not have a motivating force to find recovery. Without a positive self-image, addicts have no reason to believe that recovery is worth it; i.e. why should they work so hard to maintain a certain lifestyle when it does not make them happier or more fulfilled? Therefore, it is imperative for a person to foster a positive self-image during addiction recovery.

How to Foster a Positive Self-Image During Recovery

Certainly it is not easy to rebuild self-image and self-esteem. A person does not simply overcome withdrawal symptoms and a physical addiction and feel like a whole new person. Recovery takes time, which is why long-term treatment is recommended for addicts. In order to do things like foster a positive self-image, and build other coping skills and tools for recovery, a person needs time.

Once addicts break free from the influence of addictive substances, they have the ability to see clearly. They can draw a distinct line between the person and life they become with addiction, and the person they want to be and life they wish to have. Treatment will help individuals heal from feelings of self-loathing, guilt and shame. It will help individuals forgive themselves and promote self-discovery and self-growth. In order for addicts to become the better version of themselves, they have to be able to put their past behind them. They must work towards surrounding themselves with people and activities that make them feel good. The best tips for fostering a positive self-image during recovery is to be patient and to stay focused on creating a better future in recovery. Avoid thinking about the past, refrain from hanging around negative people, and stay connected with people and programs that help boost your self-esteem and motivation for recovery.

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