Top Hydrocodone Recovery Clinics

Top Hydrocodone Recovery Clinics

Hydrocodone is an opiate sedative drug that has the potential to cause dependence and addiction. When taken, hydrocodone slows down the heart rate and breathing while producing feelings of calm and euphoria. Recovering from hydrocodone addiction is a difficult process that will likely require help from a hydrocodone recovery clinic. Choosing the right clinic can have a lasting impact on one’s recovery from addiction.

What Makes a Hydrocodone Recovery Clinic Successful?

The top hydrocodone recovery clinics have somewhat varying methodologies and treatments available, but they all share a common trait—they have a high rate of success. These clinics have successfully aided people to recover from drug addiction and remain free of drug use. These facilities incorporate more in their treatment plans than simply detox and counseling. The treatment is individualized and multi-faceted, tailored to fit each person’s needs and beliefs.

What is Involved in Effective Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment?

Top recovery clinics know the importance of treating the whole person, not just the addiction. They see to the multiple needs of the person and constantly assess and modify treatment to meet those changing needs. Typically this involves a variety of different types of counseling, therapy sessions, psychiatrist meetings, support group meetings, and drug education classes.

Treatment in a good clinic will seek to discover the root issues causing the addiction. Treatment may also incorporate involvement in religious groups or teaching of the 12-step process to help a person gain strength from the belief in a higher power. The top clinics are often residential in nature and the length of the stay is dependent on the severity of the addiction and the individual’s needs. Finally, there should be training on relapse prevention, how to deal with potential situations and triggers of drug use, a plan for what to do if a relapse does happen, and continuing care once the individual leaves the facility.

Successful recovery clinics seek to improve the addict’s way of life. This often includes training in healthy nutrition and exercise and classes in relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. There is a focus put on learning new skills and hobbies to replace unhealthy drug habits. Lessons in art and music can be therapeutic, as well as more experimental therapies such as equine therapy and canine therapy, in which the addicted person works with the animal on a daily basis as a means of better understanding responsibility and relationships.

Very often in hydrocodone addiction there are other mental disorders present, such as depression or anxiety. Recovery may not be possible without the dual diagnosis and treatment of these co-occurring issues. A successful recovery clinic will be able to effectively integrate treatment of both the mental disorder and the addiction to enable the dual diagnosis patient to achieve full recovery. The top hydrocodone recovery clinics are equipped to treat a dual diagnosis successfully.

Do You Need Hydrocodone Recovery Clinic Help?

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