Uniting as a Family to Overcome Hydrocodone Addiction

Uniting as a Family to Overcome Hydrocodone Addiction

Individuals may abuse hydrocodone to cope with stress or anxiety. These feelings may result from conflict or family problems, or especially the following issues:

  • Mental health issues – If a sibling or parent struggles with mental health issues, it can affect the whole family. Mood swings due to mental health issues may lead to emotional tension and conflict.
  • Financial – Financial hardship may greatly stress family members. If loved ones do not find healthy ways to deal with stress, they may find unhealthy coping methods, such as hydrocodone abuse.
  • Poor communication – Families with ineffective communication may not resolve conflicts or cope well with stress. When this happens, people may keep big issues to themselves, which compounds anxiety and stress as a result.
  • Drug abuse – When a parent or sibling abuses drugs or alcohol, other family members may experience stress, anxiety or depression

When families lack communication and healthy coping methods, family members may compensate by abusing hydrocodone.

How United Family Members can Help Hydrocodone Addiction Recovery

Because addiction changes the way the brain works, a hydrocodone addict may believe that using the drug is her top priority, above taking care of her health or going to work. She may deny that she is addicted, or that hydrocodone abuse harms other parts of her life. When everyone in the family unites to confront hydrocodone abuse, it can more strongly impact the addict and break through her denial.

An intervention may be an effective way to unite and talk to an addict about hydrocodone abuse, and also family members may begin counseling to learn to resolve conflict and improve communication. An addict may refuse to attend counseling, but he may face his hydrocodone addiction if his family uses what they learn in counseling to discuss the problems he causes and how he can fix them through treatment.

How Family Members May Become Involved in Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment

It is important to support an individual in addiction treatment. Writing letters, showing up for weekend visits and learning about treatment methods are all great ways to show support. When the whole family is involved, it may strengthen family bonds and make an impact on the individual in treatment. For family members to work together, communication will be necessary and may improve throughout the recovery process. This may make it easier for the addict to seek support from loved ones after treatment.

Help Overcoming Hydrocodone Addiction

If you or a loved one struggle with hydrocodone addiction, call us now. Our counselors can answer your questions about addiction and help you find an interventionist or treatment center. Call now, as our helpline is toll free and available 24 hours a day.