What Are My Choices For Hydrocodone Recovery?

What Are My Choices For Hydrocodone Recovery?

Deciding to stop taking hydrocodone is the first step in addiction recovery as it takes courage to commit to the process. Knowing your options and what to expect at the three stages of treatment can make the experience more manageable.

How to Detox from Hydrocodone

Removing the substance from an addict’s body is the first priority of treatment. Hydrocodone detox happens in the following ways:

  • In inpatient or outpatient settings, but it must always be supervised by a medical professional
  • It can last as little as three days, but may take a week or longer depending on the strength of the addiction
  • Medical professionals will focus on alleviating withdrawal symptoms to make the process more comfortable
  • It may include tapering off the drug by using opioids instead of going cold turkey

Inpatient care helps at this stage because it provides the medical expertise many require to succeed in treatment.

Hydrocodone Addiction Counseling

After the physical effects of detox pass, treatment focuses on the psychological side of the addiction. Feelings an addict once suppressed through drug use will resurface, so the patient can examine these along with the underlying issues that the triggered addiction in the first place. Treatment options include the following methods:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy with a therapist or psychiatrist
  • Group therapy
  • Free community support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
  • Medication to treat underlying conditions

This phase typically lasts from several months up to a year, again depending on the severity of the addiction.

Aftercare for Hydrocodone Addiction

Most people view addiction as a disease that is treatable, but not curable. To avoid relapse, recovering addicts nurture and maintain their sobriety. The following strategies may help you stay sober:

  • Alert your caregiver. Most people first take hydrocodone with a prescription for a legitimate medical issue, so tell your doctor about your addiction history so he can help you find other pain management options.
  • Follow the 24 hour plan. Thinking about staying sober for the rest of your life may feel overwhelming, so remember that sobriety is a journey you take one day at a time.
  • Don’t get cured. Remember that recovery is a lifestyle, so don’t quit doing things that keep you sober.
  • Volunteer. Telling your story to newcomers can remind you of where you came from so you don’t go back to addiction.

People with lasting sobriety often keep one truth in mind: staying sober is easier than getting sober. This can help you stay strong despite the difficulty.

Help for Hydrocodone Addiction

You can find and maintain hydrocodone addiction recovery. Recovery counselors are available at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to help you transition from addiction to a drug-free life. They can guide you to wellness, so don’t go it alone when help is just one phone call away. You never have to return to a life of addiction, so please call us today to begin your recovery.