What If Hydrocodone Rehab Isn’t for Me?

What If Hydrocodone Rehab Isn’t for Me?

If you are addicted to hydrocodone and are considering treatment, you are probably well aware of the damage this addiction is doing to your life. You are probably also aware of the difficulty and danger involved in trying to quit this highly addictive drug on your own.

Despite this awareness, you may have reservations about entering treatment. Anxiety about entering rehab is very common, since, for most people, rehab will be a new experience that involves venturing into the unknown. However, once you enter treatment you will find that your fears were, if not completely unfounded, at least blown out of proportion. Most importantly, hydrocodone is an extremely dangerous drug and your fears regarding rehab must not prevent you from getting the help that could very well save your life.

Common Fears and Anxieties about Hydrocodone Rehabilitation

You may feel that the treatment process won’t work for you and you will never be able to stop using hydrocodone. While it is true that hydrocodone is extremely addictive, a qualified staff at a rehab center will have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to apply to your recovery. Find a good program with a high success rate and you will have a very good chance of recovery.

You may fear that you won’t fit in with the other patients, but once in treatment you will find that you are in the company of people in situations very similar to your own. All the patients are there because they want to get off drugs, and can support and encourage each other during the recovery process. In fact, the empathy and mutual support of fellow patients is one of the major components of most successful drug rehab programs.

You may fear that, simply put, you will just plain hate rehab. It is true that rehab will be an unusual experience that will require you to make changes. You will be in an unfamiliar environment; you will have to detox from a substance to which your body has become dependent; during counseling you will need to face truths about yourself and the choices you have made that may be painful to deal with. Ultimately, you will need to form new habits and start a new life. Naturally, all of this can be scary.

Keep in mind that drug treatment programs are designed with these things in mind. The facilities are designed to be as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Medical personnel will be on hand during the detox process to monitor your safety and ease the symptoms of withdrawal as much as possible. The counselors and therapists are trained professionals experienced in the treatment of drug addiction. They are committed to your recovery, and are not there to judge. They will help you understand how you got to this point, and how to get your life back.

Hydrocodone Rehabilitation Help

If you or someone you know is suffering in the grip of hydrocodone addiction, we can help. Trained professionals are standing by who can answer any questions you have and help find the best treatment options available. Our helpline is toll free, and we are available 24 hours a day. Call us to begin your recovery.