What You Should Know About Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment

What You Should Know About Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment

Hydrocodone is a cough suppressant and pain reliever that is available in combination with other ingredients. When a person abuses hydrocodone, he or she does not necessarily need addiction treatment right away, but hydrocodone is highly addictive and frequent use and misuse causes tolerance, the need for more of the drug to achieve desired effects. Tolerance is often a precursor of addiction. If you recognize that your medication has less of an effect than it used to, contact your physician immediately.

What Are the Risks of Refusing Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment?

Risks of long-term untreated hydrocodone addiction include respiratory depression, low blood pressure and overdose. A hydrocodone overdose may cause coma, heart attack, organ failure and seizures. You can avoid these risks and others by seeking hydrocodone addiction treatment as soon as possible. It is important to recognize that professional hydrocodone addiction treatment is the most reliable route to addiction recovery and that those who attempt recovery on their own are rarely, if ever, successful. Treatment programs that last approximately three months report the greatest success rates for their patients. Treatment does not have to last this long, but you want to give yourself the best chance of recovery, so taking the time to recover correctly can help you completely quit.

What Happens in Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment?

Hydrocodone addiction treatment begins with medically supervised detox, a cleansing process that removes all traces of hydrocodone from the patient’s body. In rehab, detox is closely monitored, due to potential withdrawal symptoms, which are often treatable. After detox, one invaluable aspect of addiction treatment is peer support. Patients often find camaraderie and comfort from fellow patients who are experiencing similar struggles. This type of support, which is difficult to find in daily life outside rehab, is available simply by token of attending rehab and also in a more organized fashion, through group counseling sessions. Rehab centers also offer individual counseling sessions, as well. Treatment services are available through either inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Need Help Finding Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment?

If you or someone you love is addicted to hydrocodone, we can help. Just call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline for instant support from one of our trusted addiction counselors, who can answer your questions, check your insurance for your level of coverage, and recommend a treatment program that is right for you or your loved one. We have a team of supportive professionals who are eager to help you begin the recovery process today. Give us a call.