When Will I Be Fully Recovered from Hydrocodone Addiction?

When Will I Be Fully Recovered from Hydrocodone Addiction?

Recovering from hydrocodone addiction is a process that requires dedication and effort. Even after hydrocodone use is discontinued, the addicted individual must fight for sobriety. The amount of time needed for addiction recovery varies among hydrocodone users because people abuse hydrocodone for different reasons and at differing levels of severity. However, there are five stages of addiction recovery that are common among recovering users. These five stages outline the process that begins when the user admits that he or she has a problem and ends when the user is fully dedicated to a sober lifestyle. The five stages of hydrocodone addiction recovery are listed below:

  • Awareness and Acknowledgement: Hydrocodone users often suffer from denial and refuse to admit that their addiction is a problem. Once the drug user acknowledges the problematic nature of addiction, the recovery process begins. Although the user may still be abusing hydrocodone during this stage, the user is open to the possibility of change, which is a critical first step.
  • Consideration: During this stage, the hydrocodone user begins to take steps toward pursuing recovery. For example, the user may be interested in learning more about the effects of addiction. As the user begins to see more clearly how his or her family has suffered due to the hydrocodone abuse, the user often becomes more open to the possibility of professional treatment.
  • Exploration: In the stage, the hydrocodone user breaks through denial and admits that his or her addiction requires professional help. As the user explores concepts such as moderation and abstinence, the user is motivated to pursue addiction recovery. During this stage, the hydrocodone user often agrees to enter hydrocodone addiction treatment.
  • Early Recovery: The hydrocodone user officially enters recovery during the stage known as “early recovery.” However, the user is still vulnerable to relapse at this time. During this stage, the user practices sobriety, develops and hones coping skills, and builds healthy habits.  
  • Active Recovery and Maintenance: The hydrocodone recovery process does not end with early recovery or at the conclusion of a treatment program. Oftentimes, recovery is a lifelong process that requires daily effort. During the stage of active recovery and maintenance, the former user focuses on remaining dedicated to his or her aftercare plan and on applying all that he or she learned while in rehab.

When a hydrocodone user has successfully completed an addiction treatment program and is actively dedicated to maintaining long-term abstinence, he or she is considered recovered. However, the recovered user must bear in mind that abstinence often requires focus, as well as continued support from family members, counselors, and support groups.

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