Who Is at Risk for Hydrocodone Addiction?

Who Is at Risk for Hydrocodone Addiction?

Hydrocodone is a painkiller used to treat severe to moderate pain. This drug is habit forming and leads to physical dependence. Everyone is at risk when comes to addiction to hydrocodone, but some people are at great risk based on their job, social situation and personal history.

Jobs That Increase Risk for Hydrocodone Addiction

People with fairly stressful jobs are at greater risk for addiction to drugs like hydrocodone. They may turn to hydrocodone to relieve stress or job-related anxiety. Hydrocodone provides a temporary feeling of satisfaction and happiness, but these feelings do not last. Drug abuse comes with consequences that increase job stress or feelings of depression or anxiety.

Any job that involves easy access to hydrocodone can contribute to addiction risk. Doctors, pharmacists and nurses may be able to acquire the drug easily, and this increases the likelihood of experimentation. Athletes also are also at risk for hydrocodone addiction, because they are at greater risk for injuries that involve treatment with hydrocodone.

Mental Health and Hydrocodone Addiction

People with physical and psychological illnesses have an increased chance of being prescribed hydrocodone, and any use of the drug increases risk of addiction. Doctors will prescribe hydrocodone to patients for pain, and patients may misuse the drug or simply find that long-term use has left them dependent on it.

Environment and Hydrocodone Addiction

Addiction to hydrocodone is influenced by factors including your environment and peers. If your friends or family view drug use as acceptable or participate in it themselves, you are more likely to take the drug without considering the implications and dangers of use. Peers may actively encourage hydrocodone use, and living in an area that provides easy access to hydrocodone will also make use easier and addiction more likely.

Get Hydrocodone Abuse or Addiction Help Now

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