Why Dealing with Insurance is Important in Getting Treatment

Why Dealing with Insurance is Important in Getting Treatment

Insurance companies can often be difficult to deal with and their policies can commonly be misinterpreted. People typically think they are covered for certain things but when it comes time to make a claim they find out that they were covered for certain issues and treatments but not others. However, utilizing insurance to pay for addiction treatment is still much more effective than getting loans with high interest rates or paying out of pocket.

Healthcare is an important aspect of life as it ensures that if something bad were to happen, a person’s medical expenses would be covered. Healthcare providers recognize the need for treatment and recovery services for struggling addicts. If addiction can be treated, prevention of future drug related medical problems can too.

The majority of private health insurance companies today cover substance abuse treatment services. Employer provided health insurance also typically covers issues related to substance abuse and addiction. However, everyone’s insurance policy is different and coverages can vary wildly from person to person. It is important to speak with an insurance representative until all coverages are fully understood.

Choosing a Recovery Facility

Choosing the right recovery facility can often be a difficult task for struggling addicts seeking treatment as there are so many different options. Understanding insurance coverage may help narrow down which treatment facilities are best for each specific situation. Recovery.org explains that insurance companies often only cover certain treatments at certain treatment facilities. So once the coverage is explained by the insurance provider, the options for insurance paid treatment may be laid out.

Paying for rehab is less expensive than paying for inevitable future health problems. If addiction continues untreated, addicts will eventually develop other serious health issues related to their drug use. Insurance companies are more willing to pay for addiction treatment because it can help prevent future claims from being filed.

The Canyon Malibu explains that people tend to think that rehab is a luxurious place for rich and famous people to recover from their substance abuse problems. This can stop people from reaching out to get the help they need because they may believe they cannot afford rehab. In reality, there are a myriad of different rehab facilities available and they all accept numerous forms of payment. Health coverage through an employer, military or government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid will all likely cover full or partial expenses for professional rehab services.

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008

The MHPAEA required health insurance providers to offer fair and equal coverage to people needing treatment for mental health or substance abuse related issues. The new law made it so that health insurance providers had to cover these issues at the same rate as any other medical condition. The co-pays, deductibles and extent of coverage for substance abuse and mental health issues has to equal that of any other physical condition.

The act makes insurance coverage for rehab services much more accessible and allows people who are covered to actually receive adequate coverage for their condition.

How to Deal With Insurance Companies

Calling the customer service number on the health insurance card provided is the first step to fully understanding coverage for addiction treatment services. Speak to a benefits representative about what exactly is covered, how long it is covered for and if there are any network restrictions. Insurance companies commonly only cover services provided by a treatment center within a certain network. Some insurance companies will only cover professional rehab services if the client is referred by a primary care doctor so it is important to ask. Ask your insurance provider about what will be required out of pocket, such as co-pays or deductible amounts. The end goal of speaking with customer service is to have a clear understanding of what a final bill for rehab services will look like. It is important to ask the benefits specialist about any other issues that may affect the final bill.

Getting professional treatment without the use of insurance coverage will likely put an addict in significant debt, which can be too much to deal with in recovery. While getting treatment is essential, there are options for insurance paid treatment rather than paying out of pocket.

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