Why Equine Therapy Is Useful in a Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment Program

Why Equine Therapy Is Useful in a Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment Program

Equine, or horse, therapy uses interaction with horses as a part of a therapeutic program for a variety of issues, including hydrocodone addiction. In the program, users groom, feed, lead and even ride horses (optional) under the supervision of an equine expert and mental health professional, which helps them learn interpersonal skills that encourage sobriety. While equine therapy is no substitute for traditional rehab, it can help hydrocodone addictions get and stay clean.

Benefits of Equine Therapy

Working with a horse can be a fun and emotional experience. By working with horses, hydrocodone addicts can recognize and deal with their emotions and negative patterns of behavior, and then translate their newly found skills into their everyday lives. The skills learned in equine therapy can help an addict establish a healthy, drug-free lifestyle, because it teaches patients the following skills:

  • Recognizing anxiety—According to Psych Central, horses are intuitive creatures that will react to the emotions of their trainer. This means that a horse will mirror the emotions of a recovering hydrocodone addict, which helps addicts recognize their own emotions. As addicts eliminate unhealthy emotions around the horse, they can learn healthy, drug-free ways of alleviating problems later.
  • Improving mood—Equine therapy can boost moods. Since animals do not exude judgment, working with them provides a sense of acceptance and love, accomplishment and satisfaction. This is useful because it helps a hydrocodone addict find healthy ways to feel good without drugs.
  • Teaching personal skills—According to Psychology Today, horses have defined roles that are similar to how humans behave. Thus, horses can teach hydrocodone addicts self-awareness, communication, trust, boundaries, patience, affection, play and more. These skills help addicts learn healthy ways of interacting with others.
  • Develop confidence—Because horses are so large, caring for them instills confidence in hydrocodone addicts, because they learn to work with, guide, ride and care for such a powerful animal. This confidence can help an addict develop confidence in other areas, such as addiction recovery.

Just as every horse is different, everyone who works with them is unique, so the responses from patients will vary. One person may experience many more benefits than those listed, but another person may hate the process altogether. Because the reactions to equine therapy vary so widely, you should research available treatment options to determine if your situation and history would benefit from this treatment.

Finding Equine Therapy for Hydrocodone Addiction

If you think you or a loved one would benefit from equine therapy to deal with hydrocodone addiction, we can help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline anytime to talk with an admissions coordinator about the best treatment options for your unique needs. Don’t let hydrocodone addiction control your life anymore; call us today for instant, professional support.