Why Won’t My Son or Daughter Stop Using Hydrocodone on Their Own?

Why Won’t My Son or Daughter Stop Using Hydrocodone on Their Own?

Watching your child spiral out of control in hydrocodone addiction is painful. You want the best for your child, yet he seems completely unaware of the damaging effects of hydrocodone addiction. You may have even tried to talk to him, but he just made excuses or explained that he wasn’t addicted.

Why Do People Use Drugs Despite Consequences?

It can be perplexing to watch your child abuse hydrocodone despite the consequences. You may not understand why anyone would want to be an addict, but there are several reasons why your child may continue to use. Some of the following reasons may explain why your son or daughter remains an addict:

  • Physical dependence: Over time, someone who takes hydrocodone becomes physically dependent on the drug. This simply means that her body has become accustomed to the drug, and will demonstrate signs of withdrawal without regular doses. These withdrawal symptoms can be painful, which may lead an addict to return to her addiction rather than deal with the pain.
  • Emotional dependence: While physical dependence can wane during detox, hydrocodone also causes emotional dependency that will require treatment. Addicts often think that they cannot manage their pain or deal with life without hydrocodone. This often compels addicts to use drugs until the consequences of addiction are too great.
  • Physical pain: As hydrocodone is a common painkiller, an addict may think she has no option but to take the medication, because the pain for which the drug was prescribed is so great. An addict may think there are no options for pain other than medication.

Because of these factors, it is important to speak with a professional about how to best help your child.

Why Hold an Intervention for Your Addicted Child

Interventions can convince hydrocodone addicts to recognize the painful effects of addiction. Other attempts at talking, threatening, cajoling or manipulating the addict into rehab may have failed, leaving the family with the option of intervention. During an intervention, a professional will guide your family through the steps of confronting the addict. She will also guide the mediation to help the addict feel confronted and not threatened. Furthermore, this meeting allows family members to voice their concerns and hurts. A professional can mediate the strong emotions every participant feels to foster an environment of consideration and not condemnation.

Help for Your Child’s Hydrocodone Addiction

An important element in helping your child overcome hydrocodone addiction is finding options for treatment, and we can help you with this step. You can call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline anytime, and a recovery specialist will talk with you about the available options. Our caring staff understands the pain and agony of your child’s addiction, so call us today for immediate help.